Screenshot vs. Snapshot

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  • Screenshot (noun)

    An image of computer or smartphone screen output at a given moment in time.

    "screencast|screen capture|screen dump|screengrab|screenie|screencap"

    "I grabbed a screenshot of my desktop."

  • Screenshot (verb)

    To take a screenshot of something.

    "To help to improve the software, make sure to screenshot any bugs you find."

  • Snapshot (noun)

    A photograph, especially one taken quickly or in a moment of opportunity.

    "He carried a snapshot of his daughter."

  • Snapshot (noun)

    A glimpse of something; a portrayal of something at a moment in time.

    "The article offered a snapshot of life in that region."

  • Snapshot (noun)

    A file or set of files captured at a particular time, often capable of being reloaded to restore the earlier state.

    "This game is so hard that I find myself taking a snapshot every few seconds in case I get killed."

  • Snapshot (noun)

    A quick, unplanned or unexpected shot.

  • Snapshot (noun)

    A quick offhand shot, made without deliberately taking aim over the sights.

  • Snapshot (verb)

    To take a photograph of.

  • Snapshot (verb)

    To capture the state of, in a snapshot.

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