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Rollneck vs. Turtleneck — What's the Difference?

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A rollneck is a sweater with a close-fitting, round, and high collar that can be rolled down. A turtleneck is similar but often has a tighter, taller neck that folds over and is generally unrolled.
Rollneck vs. Turtleneck — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Rollneck and Turtleneck


Key Differences

A rollneck typically features a soft, high neck that is looser than a turtleneck, which provides a relaxed appearance while still offering warmth and comfort. The rollneck's neck is designed to be rolled down, hence its name, creating a more casual, draped effect around the neck.
In contrast, a turtleneck is designed with a closer-fitting and taller neck, which is meant to be folded over. This style creates a sleek look and is often associated with a more sophisticated or classic aesthetic. The turtleneck is more form-fitting around the neck compared to the rollneck, providing a snugger feel.
When it comes to choosing between a rollneck and a turtleneck, the decision often boils down to the wearer's preference for neck comfort and style. A rollneck, with its looser collar, might be preferred for those who desire less constriction, whereas a turtleneck could be favored for those seeking a more streamlined silhouette.
Despite their differences, both rollneck and turtleneck sweaters serve similar functions: they provide warmth for the wearer and can be styled in numerous ways. Whether chosen for their style or comfort, both are staples in cooler weather wardrobes, with the rollneck offering a more relaxed fit and the turtleneck a more tailored appearance.

Comparison Chart

Collar Height

Generally shorter and can be unrolled
Typically taller and folds over

Fit around Neck

Looser and can be adjusted
Snug and fixed

Style Implication

Casual and relaxed
Classic and sophisticated


More flexible in styling
Less flexible; maintains shape


Preferred for comfort and ease
Favored for fashion and formality

Compare with Definitions


A neckline on garments that rolls down for adjustable coverage.
Her rollneck allowed her to adjust the collar to the perfect height.


A high, close-fitting collar folded over to keep the neck warm.
She paired her black turtleneck with a blazer for the conference.


A versatile sweater neck that caters to personal style and comfort.
He chose a rollneck for its versatile style that went from office to outdoors.


A sweater with a neckpiece that is designed to be turned down.
His red turtleneck added a pop of color to his winter wardrobe.


A sweater with a high, rollable collar for casual comfort.
He wore a soft rollneck to the bonfire and stayed cozy all evening.


A fitted neck on a garment often used for layering in fashion.
Her turtleneck lay smoothly under the pinafore dress, completing her outfit.


An adaptable collar style that can be unfolded for a relaxed look.
The designer's rollneck design was a hit for its effortless elegance.


A snug neckline that provides a polished, refined appearance.
He looked sharp in a turtleneck at the art gallery opening.


Clothing featuring a foldable collar that offers a non-constricting fit.
The rollneck jumper was his favorite because it didn't feel tight around his neck.


A high, tubular, often rolled-down collar that fits closely about the neck.


A turtleneck sweater.


A garment, such as a sweater, that has this type of collar.


(North America) A high, close-fitting collar, turned back on itself and covering all or most of the neck, on a sweater or similar garment.


(North America) turtleneck sweater


(slang) A foreskin.


A sweater or jersey with a high close-fitting collar


Having a high tubular collar fitting closely around the neck


A classic collar style that offers sleek warmth and style.
The actress wore a turtleneck on set to stay warm between takes.

Common Curiosities

What is a rollneck?

A rollneck is a sweater with a high, loose-fitting collar that can be rolled down for comfort.

Are turtlenecks fashionable?

Yes, turtlenecks are considered timeless pieces that are fashionable and versatile.

Can rollnecks be worn for formal occasions?

While typically casual, rollnecks can be dressed up for more formal settings depending on the material and design.

How should a turtleneck fit?

A turtleneck should fit snugly around the neck without being restrictive.

Do rollnecks and turtlenecks provide the same level of warmth?

Both offer warmth, but turtlenecks may provide more due to their snug fit.

Are rollnecks a good choice for outdoor activities?

Yes, their comfortable fit makes rollnecks a great choice for outdoor and casual activities.

What is a turtleneck?

A turtleneck is a garment with a close-fitting, high neck that is usually folded over.

Are rollnecks available in different materials?

Yes, rollnecks come in various materials, including cotton, wool, and synthetic blends.

Is there a functional difference between a rollneck and a turtleneck?

The main functional difference is the fit around the neck; rollnecks are looser, while turtlenecks are tighter.

Is a rollneck suitable for someone with a larger neck?

Yes, the looser fit of a rollneck is often more comfortable for those with larger necks.

Are rollnecks considered less formal than turtlenecks?

Generally, rollnecks are seen as more casual compared to the more formal, sleek turtlenecks.

Can a turtleneck be worn alone or must it be layered?

Turtlenecks can be worn alone or layered; they are versatile in styling.

Do turtlenecks work well in a layered wardrobe?

Yes, turtlenecks are excellent for layering due to their sleek profile.

Can both rollnecks and turtlenecks be machine washed?

It depends on the material, but many rollnecks and turtlenecks can be machine washed according to the care label instructions.

Can both men and women wear rollnecks and turtlenecks?

Absolutely, both styles are unisex and widely worn by people of all genders.

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