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Reservations vs. Booking — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Maham Liaqat — Updated on March 21, 2024
Reservations involve holding a service or space without immediate payment, focusing on assurance, while booking often implies confirmation and may require payment or deposit.
Reservations vs. Booking — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Reservations and Booking


Key Differences

Reservations and bookings are terms frequently used interchangeably in the context of securing services such as accommodations, travel, and dining. Bookings, on the other hand, typically imply a firmer commitment, often accompanied by payment, deposit, or providing credit card information as a guarantee.
While a reservation holds a place or service for the individual, making a booking usually secures it with a greater degree of certainty and commitment. For instance, making a hotel reservation might secure a room without payment, allowing for changes or cancellations. In contrast, booking a hotel room might require payment or a deposit, locking in the dates and specific terms of service.
The distinction between these terms can vary by industry and geography, with some sectors and regions treating them as synonymous. However, understanding the nuances between reservations and bookings can be crucial for planning, financial commitments, and understanding the terms of service, especially in contexts requiring firm commitments or flexibility.

Comparison Chart

Payment Requirement

Not always required upfront
Often requires payment or deposit


Generally more flexible
Less flexible, with firmer commitments


Indicates intent to use a service
Implies a confirmed status of arrangements


Usually easier to modify or cancel
Modifications may incur fees or be limited

Common Uses

Dining, general interest in services
Hotels, flights, events with limited space

Compare with Definitions


Holding a service or space without payment.
They made a dinner reservation for 7 PM.


Implies a stronger commitment.
Our flight booking is non-refundable and cannot be changed.


Used in casual or less formal contexts.
I have a reservation at the library study room.


Common in travel and accommodations.
We need to make our booking soon; places are filling up fast.


Signifies intent without firm commitment.
We have a reservation for a rental car, but we might change our plans.


Confirmed arrangements, often with payment.
They completed their hotel booking online, paying in advance.


Often easily modifiable.
The reservation can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance without a fee.


Less flexibility for changes.
Any changes to the booking will incur additional fees.


Focuses on assurance rather than confirmation.
Your reservation ensures you have a spot, even during busy times.


May require financial commitment.
The concert booking required a full payment upfront.


The act of reserving; a keeping back or withholding
The reservation of the right to use the property.


An act of reserving accommodation, a ticket, etc. in advance
Early booking is essential
The hotel does not handle group bookings


A limiting qualification, condition, or exception
Accepted with the reservation that she would have to leave early.


An instance of a player being cautioned by the referee for foul play
It was a rough match with five bookings


Often reservations A doubt or misgiving
Has reservations about the proposal.


An engagement, as for a performance by an entertainer.


A tract of land set apart by the federal government for a special purpose, especially one for the use of a Native American people.


A reservation, as for accommodations at a hotel.


An arrangement by which accommodations are secured in advance, as in a hotel or restaurant or on an airplane.


Present participle of book


Plural of reservation


The act or process of writing something down in a book or books, e.g. in accounting.


A reservation for a service, such as travel or hotel accommodation.


The engagement of a performer for a particular performance.


(sports) The issuing of a caution which is usually written down in a book, and results in a yellow card or (after two bookings) a red card, that is to say, the player is sent from the field of play.


(legal) The process of photographing, fingerprinting and recording the identifying data of a suspect following arrest.


Employment for performers or performing groups that lasts for a limited period of time;
The play had bookings throughout the summer


The act of reserving (a place or passage) or engaging the services of (a person or group);
Wondered who had made the booking

Common Curiosities

Is it better to make a reservation or a booking for travel?

It depends on your needs; a reservation might offer more flexibility, while a booking secures your travel plans with more certainty.

Can you cancel a booking?

Yes, bookings can be canceled, but they may incur cancellation fees or be non-refundable, depending on the terms of service.

Can a reservation turn into a booking?

Yes, a reservation can become a booking once payment is made or terms are agreed upon that confirm the arrangement.

How do modifications to reservations and bookings differ?

Modifications to reservations are typically easier and less likely to incur fees, while changes to bookings may be limited or come with additional costs.

What is the key difference between a reservation and a booking?

The key difference is the level of commitment; reservations often do not require immediate payment and are more flexible, while bookings typically imply confirmation and financial commitment.

Do all businesses require payment for bookings?

Not all, but many businesses require a deposit or full payment for bookings, especially in the travel and accommodations sector.

Can you make a reservation or booking without a credit card?

Yes, some services allow reservations without a credit card, and alternative arrangements for bookings may be possible, depending on the provider's policies.

What happens if you don't show up for a reservation or booking?

For reservations, you might lose your spot without penalty, but bookings could result in the loss of your deposit or payment, depending on the terms.

Is a credit card always required for bookings?

Many bookings, especially for hotels or flights, require a credit card to secure the commitment, though policies vary by provider.

Why might someone choose a reservation over a booking?

For the flexibility to change plans without financial penalty, especially in situations where plans are not yet finalized.

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