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Real Burberry vs. Fake Burberry — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on November 16, 2023
Real Burberry is authentic, high-quality luxury British fashion brand. Fake Burberry is unauthorized imitation of Burberry, often of inferior quality.
Real Burberry vs. Fake Burberry — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Real Burberry and Fake Burberry


Key Differences

Real Burberry carries the legacy of a reputable British luxury fashion house, epitomizing quality and style. Contrarily, Fake Burberry intends to mirror this esteemed brand, utilizing designs and details that superficially resemble the genuine items, yet lack the authentic craftsmanship and quality.
The allure of Real Burberry comes not only from its iconic designs but also from the unparalleled quality it presents. Fake Burberry seeks to capture the aesthetic appeal of the real items without investing in the quality, often resulting in products that may look similar but are notably inferior in material and construction.
While Real Burberry prices reflect the brand’s heritage, quality, and design exclusivity, Fake Burberry is often available at significantly lower prices, luring customers who wish to own designer-like items without the associated cost. This price discrepancy often signals the authenticity of the product in the luxury market.
Real Burberry maintains its exclusivity and luxury through controlled distribution in its boutiques and selected retailers. In contrast, Fake Burberry items might be found in various unauthorized channels, posing a risk to consumers who might be misled by the semblance to genuine products.

Comparison Chart


High and Consistent
Inferior and Inconsistent


Significantly Lower

Distribution Channels

Authorized Retailers
Potentially Unauthorized Channels


Often Compromised

Brand Authenticity


Compare with Definitions

Real Burberry

Real Burberry guarantees customer satisfaction through genuine quality and service.
Real Burberry ensured their clients enjoyed a blend of stylish and durable products.

Fake Burberry

Fake Burberry can mislead consumers with deceptively authentic-looking products.
She regretted not verifying its authenticity before purchasing the Fake Burberry coat.

Real Burberry

Real Burberry symbolizes authentic British luxury fashion.
The Real Burberry trench coat is globally recognized for its timeless design.

Fake Burberry

Fake Burberry typically markets itself at a fraction of the authentic price.
The surprisingly low price was a giveaway of the Fake Burberry wallet’s authenticity.

Real Burberry

Real Burberry items are distributed through official channels only.
To guarantee authenticity, she purchased her bag from a Real Burberry boutique.

Fake Burberry

Fake Burberry imitates the designs of the authentic Burberry brand.
At first glance, the Fake Burberry scarf seemed convincing with its similar pattern.

Real Burberry

Real Burberry is characterized by a distinct, iconic check pattern.
The beige, black, white, and red check of Real Burberry is unmistakable and iconic.

Fake Burberry

Fake Burberry is characterized by compromised quality and craftsmanship.
Upon closer inspection, the Fake Burberry handbag revealed inconsistent stitching.

Real Burberry

Real Burberry products adhere to high-quality manufacturing standards.
Each stitch in a Real Burberry scarf testifies to its superior craftsmanship.

Fake Burberry

Fake Burberry is unauthorised and unaffiliated with the genuine brand.
Though it looked appealing, Fake Burberry couldn’t replicate the true brand experience.

Common Curiosities

What identifies Fake Burberry?

Imitation products resembling Burberry’s design, usually of lesser quality and price.

Can Fake Burberry be legally sold?

No, selling counterfeit products like Fake Burberry is illegal in many regions.

What is Real Burberry?

A prestigious British luxury fashion brand known for quality and iconic designs.

How prevalent is Fake Burberry in the market?

Quite common, as Burberry is a popular brand and widely counterfeited.

Why choose Real Burberry over fake versions?

For guaranteed quality, authenticity, and ethical consumerism.

How to distinguish Fake Burberry from the real?

Check quality, pricing, purchase location, and authenticity verification methods.

Where can Real Burberry items be purchased?

Official boutiques, authorized retailers, and the official online store.

Is purchasing Fake Burberry ethical?

No, it undermines brand authenticity and potentially supports illegal activities.

Can Real Burberry items be authenticated?

Yes, through various methods such as quality checks, purchase verification, and customer service consultation.

Does Real Burberry have sale periods?

Yes, but they are controlled and happen during certain times of the year.

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