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POSB vs. DBS — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Published on February 16, 2024
POSB is a banking institution primarily serving Singapore's mass market, while DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia, owning POSB as part of its broader banking network.
POSB vs. DBS — What's the Difference?

Difference Between POSB and DBS


Key Differences

POSB, originally known as the Post Office Savings Bank, was established to provide accessible banking services to the masses in Singapore. It is characterized by its focus on serving the local community with basic banking needs. DBS, on the other hand, stands for Development Bank of Singapore, and it has grown to become a leading financial services group in Asia, offering a wide range of banking and financial services.
While POSB is known for its approachability and strong presence in the domestic banking sector, especially among everyday Singaporeans, DBS presents itself as a global bank, offering more diversified financial solutions that cater to a wider audience including corporate, SMEs, and affluent individuals. This distinction highlights their different market positions and service offerings.
Over the years, DBS acquired POSB, integrating it as part of its extensive network. This merger allowed POSB customers to access DBS’s wider range of financial products and services, while still maintaining POSB’s identity as a people's bank. The integration showcases how both brands complement each other, with POSB focusing on simplicity and accessibility, and DBS on comprehensive financial solutions.
Despite their integration, POSB and DBS maintain distinct brand identities. POSB continues to be perceived as the more approachable and community-focused bank, particularly appealing to first-time bank users and younger customers. DBS, with its broader Asian and global presence, emphasizes innovation and leadership in digital banking, appealing to a broader and more diverse clientele.
Both POSB and DBS play crucial roles in Singapore’s banking and financial landscape. POSB, with its historical roots and mass appeal, alongside DBS’s innovative and global approach, collectively enhance the banking experience for customers in Singapore and beyond, underlining the strategic synergy between the two entities.

Comparison Chart


Founded as Post Office Savings Bank
Originally Development Bank of Singapore


Mass market, community banking
Broad financial services, global markets

Customer Base

Primarily local Singaporeans
Diverse, including corporate and international

Product Offering

Basic banking services
Wide range of banking and financial services

Market Position

Community-focused, accessible
Innovative, leader in digital banking

Compare with Definitions


Offers simple, straightforward banking services.
POSB makes banking easy for everyone.


Committed to sustainable banking and corporate social responsibility.
DBS is leading the way in sustainable and socially responsible banking.


A bank with a strong community focus in Singapore.
I opened my first savings account at POSB.


Pioneers in digital banking innovation.
DBS's digital banking platform is top-notch and user-friendly.


Known for its accessibility and widespread ATM network.
You can find a POSB ATM in almost every neighborhood in Singapore.


Serves a wide range of customers, from individuals to enterprises.
DBS provides customized banking solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Integrates traditional banking with modern digital services.
With POSB's mobile app, I can do all my banking from anywhere.


A leading financial services group in Asia.
DBS has won numerous awards for being the best bank in Asia.


A key player in promoting financial literacy among Singaporeans.
POSB runs programs aimed at teaching children how to save.


Offers a comprehensive range of banking and financial products.
From mortgages to investment products, DBS has it all.

Common Curiosities

What does DBS stand for?

DBS stands for Development Bank of Singapore, a leading financial services group in Asia.

Who primarily uses POSB?

POSB primarily serves local Singaporeans, focusing on accessibility and simplicity.

Is DBS only based in Singapore?

No, DBS has a presence in major Asian markets and beyond, serving global customers.

What is POSB?

POSB is a bank in Singapore known for serving the local community with basic banking needs.

How are POSB and DBS related?

DBS acquired POSB, integrating it into its network while maintaining distinct brand identities.

What types of services does DBS offer?

DBS offers a broad range of services including personal, corporate banking, and wealth management.

Are there any benefits to banking with POSB for young customers?

Yes, POSB offers accounts and programs specifically designed for young savers and students.

Can POSB customers use DBS ATMs?

Yes, POSB customers can use DBS ATMs and vice versa, providing wide accessibility across Singapore.

What makes POSB different from other banks?

POSB is known for its strong community focus and being the "people's bank" in Singapore.

How does DBS innovate in banking?

DBS is a leader in digital banking innovation, offering cutting-edge financial solutions.

Does DBS have a focus on sustainability?

Yes, DBS is committed to sustainable banking practices and corporate social responsibility.

What are some digital banking services offered by POSB/DBS?

Both POSB and DBS offer a range of digital services including online banking, mobile banking apps, and digital wallets.

What is the historical significance of POSB?

POSB has a long history of serving Singaporeans, originally established as the Post Office Savings Bank.

Can international customers open a DBS account?

Yes, DBS offers banking services to international customers, including expatriates in Singapore.

How does DBS contribute to the Singaporean economy?

DBS plays a crucial role in Singapore’s financial sector, supporting businesses, innovation, and economic growth.

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