Pirn vs. Firn

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Main Difference

The main difference between Pirn and Firn is that the Pirn is a Rod for weft thread or yarn and Firn is a granular snow, especially on the upper part of a glacier, where it has not yet been compressed into ice.

  • Pirn (noun)

    A cone-shaped spool or bobbin on which thread or yarn is wound, used most often for weaving.

  • Pirn (noun)

    The amount of thread wound on a shuttle or reel.

  • Pirn (verb)

    To wind yarn onto a pirn, usually by means of a pirn winder.

  • Firn (noun)

    A type of old snow which has gone through multiple thaw and refreeze cycles and thus is made of numerous small icy grains, though it is not nearly as saturated with water as snow-cone slush is; can be hard or somewhat soft depending on recent and current weather conditions.

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