Overzealous vs. Zealous - What's the difference?


  • Overzealous (adjective)

    Too zealous; too enthusiastic or fervent.

    "With his overzealous attempts to impress, he only managed to annoy her."

  • Zealous (adjective)

    Full of zeal; ardent, fervent; exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion.

Oxford Dictionary

  • Overzealous (adjective)

    too zealous in one's attitude or behaviour

    "he's been overzealous in handing out parking tickets"

  • Zealous (adjective)

    having or showing zeal

    "the council was extremely zealous in the application of the regulations"

Webster Dictionary

  • Overzealous (adjective)

    Too zealous.

  • Zealous (adjective)

    Filled with, or characterized by, zeal; warmly engaged, or ardent, in behalf of an object.

  • Zealous (adjective)

    Filled with religious zeal.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Overzealous (adjective)

    marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea;

    "rabid isolationist"

  • Zealous (adjective)

    marked by active interest and enthusiasm;

    "an avid sports fan"

    "a great walker"

    "an eager beaver"



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