Outdoor vs. Outdoors

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  • Outdoor (adjective)

    Situated in, designed to be used in, or carried on in the open air. from 18th c.

  • Outdoor (adjective)

    Pertaining to charity administered or received away from, or independently from, a workhouse or other institution. from 19th c.

  • Outdoor (verb)

    To publicly display a child after it has been named

  • Outdoors (adverb)

    Not inside a house or under covered structure; unprotected; in the open air.

    "They went outdoors to light up their cigarettes."

  • Outdoors (noun)

    The environment outside of enclosed structures.

  • Outdoors (noun)

    The natural environment in the open air, countryside away from cities and buildings.

    "She loves the outdoors."

  • Outdoor (adjective)

    done, situated, or used out of doors

    "a huge outdoor concert"

  • Outdoor (adjective)

    fond of the open air or open-air activities

    "a rugged, outdoor type"

  • Outdoors (adverb)

    in or into the open air; outside a building or shelter

    "it was warm enough to eat outdoors"

  • Outdoors (noun)

    any area outside buildings or shelter, typically that far away from human habitation

    "a lover of the great outdoors"

Oxford Dictionary
  • Outdoor (adjective)

    Being, or done, in the open air; being or done outside of certain buildings, as poorhouses, hospitals, etc.; as, outdoor exercise; outdoor relief; outdoor patients.

  • Outdoors (adverb)

    Out of the house; out of doors; in the open air; abroad.

Webster Dictionary
  • Outdoor (adjective)

    located, suited for, or taking place in the open air;

    "outdoor clothes"

    "badminton and other outdoor games"

    "a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"

  • Outdoor (adjective)

    pertaining to or concerning the outdoors or outdoor activities;

    "outdoor education is the area of teacher training concerned with training for outdoor activities"

  • Outdoors (noun)

    where the air is unconfined;

    "he wanted to get outdoors a little"

    "the concert was held in the open air"

    "camping in the open"

  • Outdoors (adverb)

    outside a building;

    "in summer we play outside"

Princeton's WordNet

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