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Norton vs. Quick Heal — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 24, 2024
Norton is a globally recognized antivirus software with comprehensive security features, while Quick Heal is an India-based antivirus solution known for its quick scanning and efficient performance.
Norton vs. Quick Heal — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Norton and Quick Heal


Key Differences

Norton, developed by NortonLifeLock, is renowned for its robust security solutions and comprehensive protection against various types of malware. Quick Heal, on the other hand, is an antivirus software developed in India, known for its quick scanning capabilities and light impact on system resources.
Norton offers a wide range of security products catering to both individual and business needs, including advanced features like identity theft protection and cloud backup. Quick Heal, while also offering a range of products, is particularly popular for its user-friendly interface and quick response to new threats.
In terms of global presence, Norton has a broader market reach and is recognized internationally. Quick Heal has a strong presence in the Indian market and is growing its international user base.
Norton is often praised for its high detection rates and comprehensive internet security features, making it a preferred choice for users seeking extensive protection. Quick Heal is appreciated for its speed, efficiency, and effectiveness, especially in handling newer types of malware prevalent in the Asian market.
When it comes to pricing and subscriptions, Norton offers various tiers with different features, catering to diverse security needs. Quick Heal often comes across as more budget-friendly, with packages tailored for home users and small businesses.

Comparison Chart


Developed by NortonLifeLock, USA
Developed in India

Key Features

Comprehensive protection, identity theft prevention
Quick scanning, light on system resources

Market Presence

Strong in India, expanding globally

Target Audience

Individual and business users
Home users, small businesses

Price Range

Various tiers with diverse features
Generally budget-friendly

Compare with Definitions


Comprehensive internet security software providing identity theft protection.
Norton's identity theft features give me peace of mind while shopping online.

Quick Heal

An Indian antivirus software known for its fast scanning and efficiency.
Quick Heal quickly cleaned the malware from my laptop.


A software with high malware detection rates and parental control features.
I use Norton to monitor my children's internet usage.

Quick Heal

A user-friendly antivirus with easy installation and quick response to threats.
Installing Quick Heal was straightforward and simple.


A well-known antivirus software offering advanced protection against cyber threats.
I trust Norton to keep my computer safe from viruses.

Quick Heal

An efficient antivirus program with minimal impact on system performance.
My computer runs smoothly even with Quick Heal running in the background.


A cybersecurity solution with a range of products for different user needs.
For my new business, I chose Norton’s enterprise security solution.

Quick Heal

A budget-friendly antivirus solution for home and small business users.
We use Quick Heal at our startup for its affordability and effectiveness.


A robust security software with cloud backup and performance optimization tools.
Norton keeps my files backed up securely in the cloud.

Quick Heal

A security software offering protection against new and emerging malware.
Quick Heal effectively protects my PC from the latest viruses.

Common Curiosities

Does Norton offer parental controls?

Yes, Norton includes parental control features in its security suite.

What is Norton?

Norton is a global antivirus and cybersecurity software known for comprehensive protection.

Can Norton be used on multiple devices?

Yes, Norton offers plans that cover multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How user-friendly is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is known for its user-friendly interface and easy installation.

Is Norton good for identity theft protection?

Yes, Norton provides advanced features for identity theft protection.

What is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is an Indian antivirus software renowned for its quick scanning and efficiency.

Is Quick Heal effective against new viruses?

Yes, Quick Heal is efficient in handling new and emerging malware threats.

Is Norton suitable for enterprise security?

Yes, Norton offers solutions tailored for enterprises and large organizations.

Is Quick Heal a budget-friendly option?

Yes, Quick Heal is generally more budget-friendly, especially for home users and small businesses.

Does Norton offer cloud backup?

Yes, certain Norton plans include cloud backup solutions.

Are updates automatic in Norton?

Yes, Norton provides automatic updates to ensure continuous protection.

How does Quick Heal impact system performance?

Quick Heal is designed to have minimal impact on system performance.

How does Norton handle online privacy?

Norton includes features to enhance online privacy, such as VPN services and safe browsing tools.

Can Quick Heal protect against ransomware?

Yes, Quick Heal includes protection against ransomware threats.

Does Quick Heal offer a free trial?

Yes, Quick Heal typically offers a free trial for users to test its features.

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