Nee vs. Nep

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  • Nee (interjection)

    no, used to express no as a quantity, i.e. not any, like German kein/Dutch geen/French rien. Compare with na.

    "Nee way man!|t=No way|inline=1"

    "Thor's nee watter!|t=There's no water!|inline=1"

  • Nep (noun)

    Catmint, catnip; Nepeta cataria.

  • Nep (noun)

    A knot in a fibre of cotton.

  • Nee

    Born; - a term sometimes used in introducing the name of the family to which a married woman belongs by birth (i.e. her maiden name); as, Madame de Staël, née Necker.

  • Nep (noun)


Webster Dictionary
Princeton's WordNet

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