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Multimedia vs. Animation — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on September 25, 2023
Multimedia combines various forms of content (text, audio, graphics) in presentations, while animation is the technique of creating moving images from stills.
Multimedia vs. Animation — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Multimedia and Animation


Key Differences

Multimedia is a term that describes any application or presentation that uses multiple forms of media content. This can include text, audio, images, graphics, and video. Animation, on the other hand, specifically refers to the art and technology of creating the illusion of movement through the rapid display of a sequence of static images or frames.
Multimedia presentations often incorporate elements of animation to enhance the experience. For instance, a multimedia educational module might have animated graphics to illustrate a concept. However, while animation is a component that can be used within multimedia, not all multimedia has animation.
Animation can be of various types, such as 2D, 3D, stop-motion, and more. Its primary purpose is to tell a story or convey information through moving visuals. In contrast, multimedia's goal is to present information using a combination of different media formats to cater to various sensory preferences and to enhance user engagement.
The tools and software used for multimedia and animation creation might overlap. Multimedia software such as Adobe's Creative Suite offers tools for both designing multimedia presentations and creating animations. However, dedicated animation tools, like Blender or Autodesk Maya, focus solely on producing detailed and complex animations.

Comparison Chart


Uses multiple forms of content
Creates illusion of movement


Text, audio, images, video, etc.
Sequence of frames or images


Enhance information presentation
Tell a story or convey information through movement

Software Examples

Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft PowerPoint
Blender, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Animate

End Product Examples

Websites, interactive presentations
Cartoons, movies, video game graphics

Compare with Definitions


The integration of multiple forms of media.
Modern websites use multimedia elements for a richer user experience.


The technique of photographing successive drawings to create an illusion of movement.
The animation in the film was breathtaking.


Content that combines text, audio, and visual elements.
The multimedia presentation kept the audience engaged.


The process of designing, drawing, and sequencing animated images.
She's studying animation at the university.


The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound together.
Her multimedia art project was both visually and audibly captivating.


Moving visuals created from a series of static images or frames.
Modern video games use advanced animation techniques.


Digital technology that presents information interactively using a combination of materials.
Multimedia tools have transformed modern education.


Artistic endeavor where inanimate objects are made to appear as if they're alive.
Stop-motion animation requires immense patience.


A mix of different media types in a single platform.
The multimedia exhibit at the museum was a hit.


Animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film.


Multimedia is a form of communication that combines different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, or video into a single presentation, in contrast to traditional mass media, such as printed material or audio recordings. Popular examples of multimedia include video podcasts, audio slideshows and Animated videos.


The act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity.


Of or relating to the combined use of several media
A multimedia installation at the art gallery.


The quality or condition of being alive, active, spirited, or vigorous.


(Computers) Of or relating to an application that integrates different media, such as text, graphics, video, and sound.


The art or process of making movies with drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of static objects, including all techniques other than the continuous filming of live-action images.


The combined use of sound, video, and text to present an idea.


Images or special effects created through animation.


Of, or relating to this combined use of media


The act of animating, or giving life or spirit.


(computing) of, or relating to an application that can combine such media into an integrated package


The technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics; the object (film, computer game, etc.) so produced


Transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.)


The state of being lively, brisk, or full of spirit and vigor; vivacity; spiritedness
He recited the story with great animation.


The condition of being animate or alive.


(linguistics) conversion from the inanimate to animate grammatical category


Activities offered by a holiday resort encompassing activities that include movement, joy, leisure and spectacle, such as games, sports, shows, events, etc.


The act of animating, or giving life or spirit; the state of being animate or alive.
The animation of the same soul quickening the whole frame.
Perhaps an inanimate thing supplies me, while I am speaking, with whatever I possess of animation.


The state of being lively, brisk, or full of spirit and vigor; vivacity; spiritedness; as, he recited the story with great animation.


The condition of living or the state of being alive;
While there's life there's hope
Life depends on many chemical and physical processes


The property of being able to survive and grow;
The vitality of a seed


Quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous


The activity of giving vitality and vigour to something


The making of animated cartoons


General activity and motion


The act of imparting lifelike qualities to illustrated characters.
The animation made the characters feel real.

Common Curiosities

Can animation be a part of multimedia?

Yes, animation can be a component within a multimedia presentation.

Are multimedia presentations always interactive?

Not always, but multimedia can be designed to be interactive for enhanced engagement.

What does multimedia encompass?

Multimedia encompasses various forms of content, including text, audio, images, and video.

What's the primary feature of animation?

Animation creates the illusion of movement using successive images.

Which is more specific in scope: multimedia or animation?

Animation is more specific, focusing solely on creating movement.

Can a single piece of content be both multimedia and animation?

Yes, for instance, an animated video with voiceover is both.

Why are multimedia elements added to websites?

Multimedia elements can enhance user engagement and provide varied content formats.

Is 3D modeling considered animation?

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D object, while animation brings it to life. They're related but distinct.

What tools are popular for animation?

Blender, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Animate are popular animation tools.

Do all multimedia presentations have audio?

No, multimedia might not always have audio; it depends on the design intent.

Can animations be interactive?

Yes, some animations, especially in digital platforms, can be interactive.

Are GIFs considered multimedia or animation?

GIFs are considered animation as they display moving images.

How has animation evolved over the years?

Animation has evolved from hand-drawn cells to sophisticated 3D computer graphics.

Is every animated movie made using animation software?

Most are, but some use techniques like stop-motion without extensive software.

Does multimedia require special equipment to display?

Not necessarily, but some multimedia, like VR, might need specific equipment.

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