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Missus vs. Missis — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Maham Liaqat — Updated on April 27, 2024
Missus and Missis both refer to a married woman, commonly used in informal English, though "Missus" is more prevalent and recognized in contemporary usage.
Missus vs. Missis — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Missus and Missis


Key Differences

Missus is a colloquial term often used to refer to a married woman, especially in the context of addressing her in a familiar or informal way. Whereas, Missis, which is phonetically similar to "missus", serves the same purpose but is less commonly used in modern English and can appear in older literature or dialects.
In many English-speaking regions, "missus" is used humorously or affectionately when speaking about one's wife. On the other hand, "missis" might be encountered in historical novels or older translations of works where class and marital status were more prominently highlighted.
Missus is frequently used in spoken English to casually refer to one's wife or to address a woman whose name is unknown. In contrast, missis may also appear in written dialogues or character speeches within narratives set in past centuries.
The pronunciation of missus usually aligns with 'MISS-us', aligning with its casual use. Conversely, missis might be pronounced as 'MISS-is', echoing its historical roots and less frequent modern use.
When using the term missus in contemporary conversation, it often carries a light-hearted tone. However, the usage of missis can sometimes impart a more formal or antiquated nuance, reflective of its older origins.

Comparison Chart


Common in modern English
Less common, more historical


Informal, often humorous
Can be formal or antiquated


Used both verbally and in casual writing
Often found in historical or older literary works




Light-hearted reference to a wife
Formal or dated reference to a wife

Compare with Definitions


Informal title for a married woman.
The missus will join us later for dinner.


Formal or antiquated address for a woman.
Missis, may I take your coat?


Affectionate term for a female spouse.
The missus loves this kind of movie.


Old-fashioned term for a wife.
The missis has been quite busy with the new business.


A term used to refer to one's wife.
I have to check with the missus before we finalize the plans.


Historical term used in dialogue to denote a married woman.
Missis was all set to attend the gala.


Humorous designation for a female authority figure.
She's the missus of the house.


Used in literature to reflect past social contexts.
The missis ruled the household with an iron fist.


Colloquial term used instead of a woman's name.
Can you help the missus with her bags?


Dated colloquial reference to a woman's marital status.
Have you seen the missis today?


The mistress of a household. Often used with the.


Variant of missus.


(Informal) One's wife or girlfriend. Often used with the
Tell the missus I said hello.


Pronunciation spelling of missus


(colloquial) Wife or girlfriend.
Harry said he couldn't stop and chat because his missus wanted to go shopping.
The missus has a list of chores for me to do this weekend.


A mistress; a wife; - so used by the illiterate.


(colloquial) Term of address for a woman.


Informal term of address for someone's wife


Informal term of address for someone's wife

Common Curiosities

What is the origin of the term missus?

Missus originated as a colloquial form of "mistress" in the 17th century.

What does missus mean?

Missus is an informal term for a married woman, often used affectionately.

How is missus pronounced?

Missus is pronounced as 'MISS-us'.

In what context might one use missis?

Missis is often used in historical or literary contexts.

Why is missis considered old-fashioned?

Missis harks back to older linguistic practices and is less common today.

Is missis still commonly used?

Missis is less common and is considered more historical or formal.

Can missus be used for any woman?

Typically, missus refers specifically to a married woman.

Are there any synonyms for missus?

Wife, spouse, or partner can be synonyms, depending on context.

How does the use of missus affect the tone of a conversation?

Using missus usually adds a humorous or casual tone.

Does missis have a different pronunciation?

Yes, missis is typically pronounced as 'MISS-is'.

Can missus be used in formal writing?

Missus is generally reserved for informal communication.

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