Manatee vs. Walrus

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Main Difference

The main difference between Manatee and Walrus is that the Manatee is a genus of mammals and Walrus is a species of mammal.

  • Manatee (noun)

    Any of several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae, found in tropical regions.

    "There are no manatees in Armenia. Nor in Japan, for that matter."

  • Walrus (noun)

    A large Arctic marine mammal related to seals and having long tusks, tough, wrinkled skin, and four flippers, noshow=1.

  • Manatee (noun)

    Any species of Trichechus, a genus of sirenians; - called also sea cow.

  • Walrus (noun)

    A very large marine mammal (Trichecus rosmarus) of the Seal family, native of the Arctic Ocean. The male has long and powerful tusks descending from the upper jaw. It uses these in procuring food and in fighting. It is hunted for its oil, ivory, and skin. It feeds largely on mollusks. Called also morse.

Webster Dictionary
  • Manatee (noun)

    sirenian mammal of tropical coastal waters of America; the flat tail is rounded

  • Walrus (noun)

    either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber

Princeton's WordNet

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