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Lifetime vs. Lifelong — What's the Difference?

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Lifetime refers to the duration of a person's or thing's existence, while lifelong signifies something lasting for the entirety of a person's life.
Lifetime vs. Lifelong — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Lifetime and Lifelong


Key Differences

Lifetime encompasses the entire duration from birth to death of an individual or the existence span of an object or entity. Lifelong, on the other hand, describes activities, commitments, interests, or relationships that persist for the whole of a person's life.
While lifetime serves as a measurement of duration, either for life itself or for the functional period of objects and concepts, lifelong applies specifically to the enduring characteristics, pursuits, or commitments that span an individual's entire life. The distinction lies in the application: lifetime as a measure of time, and lifelong as a descriptor of duration and commitment.
These concepts intersect in the narrative of human experience, with lifetime providing the temporal framework within which lifelong pursuits and relationships unfold. The difference underscores the breadth of time versus the depth of experience and commitment over that time.
In human context, lifetime often used to measure the temporal boundaries of one's life or to denote the period during which something remains active or in use. Lifelong is often used to highlight the enduring nature of personal development, learning, or emotional bonds.

Comparison Chart


The duration of a person's life or existence of an object.
Lasting for the entirety of a person's life.


Used to denote the length of life or functional period.
Describes enduring characteristics or commitments.


Can apply to both living beings and inanimate objects.
Primarily applies to human experiences and activities.


On the temporal span.
On continuity and permanence within a lifetime.


A person's lifetime achievement.
A lifelong hobby or passion.

Compare with Definitions


The period during which a person lives or an object is functional.
The bridge was designed to have a lifetime of over a century.


A commitment or activity that one engages in for all of one's life.
His lifelong dedication to charity work is admirable.


The maximum amount of time or usage that a service or product can be expected to provide.
The software license has a lifetime limit of five years.


Pertaining to something that lasts for a person's entire life.
She had a lifelong passion for learning languages.


The full length of an individual's life.
She achieved much in her lifetime.


A relationship or bond that lasts throughout life.
They shared a lifelong friendship that began in childhood.


The time during which a product is guaranteed to work.
The product comes with a 10-year lifetime warranty.


Activities or interests pursued continuously through life.
Writing became his lifelong pursuit.


Recognizes the accomplishments over someone's life.
He received a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to science.


An interest that one maintains throughout the entirety of one's life.
Her lifelong interest in astronomy led her to a career in space science.


The period of time during which an individual is alive.


Continuing for a lifetime.


The period of time during which property, an object, a process, or a phenomenon exists or functions.


Extending for the entire duration of life.
They were lifelong friends; they met in elementary school and ended their lives in the same rest home.


Continuing for a lifetime; lifelong.


Lasting or continuing through life.


Occurring or measured over a person's active career
A lifetime batting average.


Continuing through life;
A lifelong friend
From lifelong habit
His lifelong study of Greek art


The duration of the life of someone or something.
A project that will take many human lifetimes to complete
The operational lifetime of an aircraft component


A long period of time.
I've been waiting a lifetime for a train.


The time that life continues.


The period during which something is functional (as between birth and death);
The battery had a short life
He lived a long and happy life

Common Curiosities

Is a lifetime warranty really for a lifetime?

A lifetime warranty typically covers the product for the expected lifespan of the product, not the purchaser's lifetime, and is often subject to terms and conditions.

How do you measure a lifetime?

A lifetime is measured from the beginning to the end of an individual's life or the functional period of an object.

Is a lifetime achievement the same as a lifelong achievement?

They are closely related, but a lifetime achievement often recognizes public or professional accomplishments, while lifelong might emphasize more personal or continuous efforts.

Can lifelong learning have a significant impact on one’s lifetime?

Yes, lifelong learning can enrich a person's life, potentially leading to personal growth and satisfaction throughout their lifetime.

Can something be both lifetime and lifelong?

Yes, some commitments or achievements can be described as both, depending on context.

How does one commit to a lifelong goal?

Committing to a lifelong goal involves continuous effort, dedication, and often adapting to changes over time while staying focused on the end objective.

Are there benefits to having lifelong goals?

Lifelong goals can provide direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose, contributing to overall happiness and fulfillment.

Can hobbies truly be lifelong?

Yes, many people maintain certain hobbies for the entirety of their lives, finding continuous joy and fulfillment in them.

What does it mean to have a lifelong friend?

A lifelong friend is someone with whom you maintain a friendship throughout the majority of your life, often from childhood or youth.

What is a lifetime opportunity?

A lifetime opportunity is a chance or prospect that is considered exceptionally valuable and may not occur again within one's lifetime.

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