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Kopis vs. Falcata — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Kopis and Falcata




The term kopis (Ancient Greek: Κόπις) in Ancient Greece could describe a heavy knife with a forward-curving blade, primarily used as a tool for cutting meat, for ritual slaughter and animal sacrifice, or refer to a single edged cutting or "cut and thrust" sword with a similarly shaped blade.


The falcata is a type of sword typical of pre-Roman Iberia. The falcata was used to great effect for warfare in the ancient Iberian peninsula, and is firmly associated with the southern Iberian tribes, among other ancient peoples of Hispania.


A short forward curved sword in Ancient Greece used primarily as a cutting tool, but also for combat.


(historical) A sword in pre-Roman Iberia having a concave edge to the blade.

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