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Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Published on February 23, 2024
Jenny Craig is a weight loss program offering personalized support and prepackaged meals, while Nutrisystem focuses on convenience with its preplanned menus and meals delivered to your door, aiming for balanced nutrition and portion control.
Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem


Key Differences

Jenny Craig emphasizes personal consultation to tailor weight loss plans for individuals, integrating eating habits, lifestyle, and activity level. This personalized approach contrasts with Nutrisystem's structured meal delivery system, which automates meal planning based on caloric intake and nutritional balance, reducing the need for personal consultations.
Nutrisystem prides itself on a wide range of prepackaged meals and snacks that are designed to simplify adherence to a calorie-controlled diet. Jenny Craig, while also offering prepackaged meals, places a greater emphasis on the role of personal consultants in guiding members through their weight loss journey, including strategies for meal planning and overcoming challenges.
The cost structure of both programs reflects their services: Jenny Craig might involve a higher upfront cost due to its personalized coaching, whereas Nutrisystem's cost primarily covers its meal delivery service. This difference highlights the varying approaches to achieving weight loss goals.
Jenny Craig’s program encourages regular meetings with a consultant, either in-person or virtually, to discuss progress and adjust plans as needed. Nutrisystem, however, leans heavily on the convenience of its service, offering support through online resources and counselors, rather than personalized, face-to-face consultations.
Both programs aim to teach portion control and healthy eating habits, but they differ in execution: Jenny Craig through personalized support and guidance, and Nutrisystem through the convenience of pre-measured, nutritionally balanced meals. This fundamental difference shapes the user experience and the journey towards weight loss.

Comparison Chart

Core Approach

Personalized coaching and meal plans
Preplanned meal delivery

Meal Planning

Personalized based on consultation
Fixed menus with customization options

Support System

In-person or virtual consultations
Online resources and counselors

Cost Consideration

Higher due to personalized support
Primarily covers meals

Nutritional Focus

Balanced, portion-controlled meals
Calorie control and balanced nutrition

Compare with Definitions

Jenny Craig

Focuses on lifestyle changes and personal support.
Jenny Craig integrates activity level adjustments into its weight loss strategy.


Offers a wide variety of menu options.
Nutrisystem users can choose from over 150 meals and snacks.

Jenny Craig

Provides prepackaged meals and snacks.
Members select their meals weekly from Jenny Craig's menu.


Provides online support and resources.
Nutrisystem members have access to dietitians and online tracking tools.

Jenny Craig

A weight management service offering personalized nutritional guidance.
Jenny Craig participants meet regularly with their consultants to adjust their meal plans.


Encourages convenience and simplicity.
Nutrisystem is chosen by those looking for an easy, no-hassle approach to weight loss.

Jenny Craig

Encourages face-to-face consultations.
Jenny Craig offers the option of in-person meetings at their centers.


Focuses on portion control and balanced nutrition.
Every Nutrisystem meal is calculated for calorie content and nutritional balance.

Jenny Craig

Aims for sustainable weight loss.
Jenny Craig emphasizes gradual weight loss through balanced eating habits.


A meal delivery service designed for weight loss.
Nutrisystem delivers a month's worth of meals and snacks to your door.

Common Curiosities

Are the meals from Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem frozen?

Both programs offer a mix of frozen and non-frozen meals, depending on the plan and options you choose.

Can I use Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem if I have diabetes?

Yes, both programs offer specialized plans for individuals with diabetes.

What kind of support can I expect from Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem?

Jenny Craig provides personalized support through consultations, while Nutrisystem offers support mainly through online resources and counselors.

Do Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem accommodate dietary restrictions?

Both programs offer options for various dietary needs, but availability may vary. It's recommended to consult with each program's support for specific dietary accommodations.

Is exercise a component of Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem programs?

Exercise is encouraged in both programs, but Jenny Craig often integrates it more closely with personal coaching plans.

What is the main difference between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem?

Jenny Craig offers personalized support and coaching, whereas Nutrisystem focuses on delivering pre-planned, portion-controlled meals.

Can I choose my meals with both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem?

Yes, both programs allow you to choose meals, but Jenny Craig integrates this with personal consultations, while Nutrisystem offers more autonomy in meal selection.

Are there vegetarian options available with Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem?

Yes, both programs offer vegetarian meal options.

Which program is more expensive, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem?

Generally, Jenny Craig can be more expensive due to the personalized coaching, but actual costs depend on the specific plan and options chosen.

Can I lose weight quickly with Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem?

Both programs are designed for steady, sustainable weight loss, emphasizing healthy habits over quick fixes.

How do Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem meals taste?

Taste is subjective, but both programs have invested in creating enjoyable meal options to suit various preferences.

How do the nutritional approaches of Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem differ?

Jenny Craig's approach is more personalized, while Nutrisystem emphasizes balanced nutrition through strict portion control.

How long are the programs for Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem?

Both offer flexible program lengths, but typical plans are structured around monthly deliveries or consultations.

Can I participate in Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem from any location?

Nutrisystem is more accessible for those seeking delivery across the U.S., while Jenny Craig's in-person consultation availability may vary by location.

Do Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem offer refunds if I'm not satisfied?

Refund policies vary, so it's best to check directly with each program for their specific satisfaction guarantees.

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