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Infra vs. Supra — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on October 30, 2023
Infra means "below" or "beneath", while Supra means "above" or "over".
Infra vs. Supra — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Infra and Supra


Key Differences

Infra is used to refer to a part of the body that is located below another, like the inframammary fold which is beneath the breast. Supra, on the other hand, is utilized to describe parts situated above others, as in supraorbital which refers to being above the eye socket.
Infra can refer to content that will be discussed later in a document, like "see infra for more details". Supra, conversely, references previously discussed content, with phrasings like "as mentioned supra".
In architectural and construction lingo, these words retain their spatial connotations.
Infra denotes elements or sections located below a specific point of reference, for instance, infrastructure, which lays the foundation of any construction. Supra is used to describe components that are situated on the upper side, like a supralateral arch.

Comparison Chart


Below or Beneath
Above or Over

Medical Context

Refers to parts below another
Refers to parts above another

Literary Reference

Points to content discussed later
References content already discussed

Latin Translation

"Below" or "Beneath"
"Above" or "Over"

Common Usages

Infrastructure (underlying base)
Supramolecular (beyond molecular)

Compare with Definitions


Used in medical contexts to indicate position.
The infrapatellar region is below the kneecap.


Latin for "above" or "over".
Supra in Latin texts often means an area or thing positioned above.


Latin for "below" or "beneath".
In anatomy, infra often denotes parts located lower than a reference point.


Refers to previously discussed content.
As mentioned supra, the results were significant.


Referring to something positioned below.
The infra section of the document highlights the methodologies.


Referring to something positioned above.
The supra section of the document contains the abstract.


Refers to content yet to be discussed.
For more details on methodology, see infra.


A prefix in English denoting "over" or "above".
Supranational organizations cross national boundaries.


A prefix in English denoting "underneath" or "below".
Infrastructure is crucial for a country's growth.


Used in medical contexts to indicate position.
The supraclavicular area is above the collarbone.


(legal) Discussed later.


(legal) Used to indicate that the current citation is from the same source as the previous one.


Below; beneath; under; after; - often used as a prefix.


A traditional Georgian feast.


(in writing) see below;
Vide infra


Over; above; before; also, beyond; besides; - much used as a prefix.


At an earlier place;
See above

Common Curiosities

How are Infra and Supra used in medical terminology?

Infra refers to parts below a reference point, while Supra indicates parts above.

How is Supra defined?

Supra means "above" or "over".

Can Infra and Supra be used in legal contexts?

Yes, Infra can point to upcoming content, while Supra refers to prior content.

What does Infra mean?

Infra means "below" or "beneath".

Do these terms have any architectural significance?

Yes, Infra can denote elements below a point of reference, while Supra denotes upper components.

How do the terms Infra and Supra relate in position?

Infra is beneath, while Supra is above.

Can you give an example of Infra in a sentence?

"The infrasonic waves are below human hearing range."

Can you give an example of Supra in a sentence?

"The supraorbital foramen is located above the eye socket."

Are Infra and Supra Latin terms?

Yes, both Infra and Supra have Latin origins.

How do Infra and Supra compare in Latin translations?

Infra translates to "below" in Latin, while Supra means "above".

Are Infra and Supra prefixes?

Yes, both can be used as prefixes in English.

How do the meanings of Infra and Supra contrast?

Infra pertains to things below or beneath, while Supra pertains to things above or over.

What's a common use for Infra in everyday language?

"Infrastructure" is a common term referring to the underlying foundation or base.

Can these terms be used outside of technical contexts?

Yes, Infra and Supra can be used generally to denote position or order.

What's a common use for Supra in everyday language?

"Supramolecular" refers to structures beyond the molecular level.

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