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Ice Skating vs. Skiing — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on November 26, 2023
Ice Skating involves gliding on ice using skates, while Skiing involves descending snow-covered slopes on skis. Both are popular winter sports.
Ice Skating vs. Skiing — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Ice Skating and Skiing


Key Differences

Ice Skating is a recreational activity or sport where individuals glide over the surface of an ice rink or frozen body of water wearing bladed skates. On the contrary, Skiing is performed on snow-covered terrains, where individuals use skis to navigate downhill or cross-country.
The primary equipment for Ice Skating is the skate, which has a blade attached to a shoe. For Skiing, the main gear includes skis, poles, and ski boots.
Ice Skating can be both an indoor and outdoor activity, often performed in designated ice rinks. Skiing, however, primarily takes place outdoors, usually on snow-covered mountains or dedicated ski trails.
Ice Skating can branch into various styles such as figure skating, speed skating, or hockey. Skiing, meanwhile, has different forms like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and freestyle skiing.
Both Ice Skating and Skiing require balance, coordination, and practice to master. While Ice Skating mainly focuses on maintaining stability on a flat icy surface, Skiing involves maneuvering on varied terrains and often at higher speeds.

Comparison Chart


Ice (flat surface)
Snow (sloped or flat)


Skates with blades
Skis, poles, ski boots


Indoor/outdoor rinks or frozen waters
Mountains or ski trails

Popular Styles/Types

Figure skating, speed skating, hockey
Alpine, cross-country, freestyle

Primary Skill Focus

Balance on flat ice
Maneuvering on varied terrains

Compare with Definitions

Ice Skating

Ice Skating requires balance and coordination on a slick surface.
It took him a few tries to get the hang of Ice Skating.


Skiing involves descending on snow using attached footgear called skis.
The snowy mountains are perfect for Skiing this season.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating can be both a competitive sport and a recreational activity.
The Winter Olympics showcases the best in competitive Ice Skating.


Skiing is a popular winter sport in mountainous regions.
Tourists flock to the Alps primarily for Skiing.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is the act of gliding on ice using bladed shoes.
She spent her afternoon Ice Skating at the local rink.


Skiing requires balance, strength, and technique to navigate snowy terrains.
Mastering Skiing takes time, patience, and lots of practice.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating often takes place in designated rinks or natural frozen areas.
The town's lake is a popular Ice Skating spot during winter.


Skiing can be categorized into alpine, cross-country, and freestyle, among others.
He prefers cross-country Skiing for its endurance challenge.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating can involve intricate moves, especially in figure skating.
The Ice Skating routine she performed was breathtaking.


One of a pair of long flat runners of plastic, metal, or wood that curve upward in front and may be attached to a boot for gliding or traveling over snow.

Ice Skating

Present participle of ice-skate


A water ski.


Something that is used as a runner on a vehicle
A helicopter with skis for landing on snow and ice.


To travel or glide on skis, especially as a sport.


To travel or glide over on skis
Ski a mountain slope.


Present participle of ski


(sports) A group of sports utilizing skis as primary equipment.


A sport in which participants must travel on skis


Skiing can be both a competitive sport and a leisure activity.
She went Skiing in Colorado during her vacation.

Common Curiosities

What's the primary terrain for Ice Skating and Skiing?

Ice Skating occurs on ice, while Skiing is on snow.

Is Skiing only a downhill sport?

No, Skiing includes downhill (alpine) and flat terrain (cross-country).

Do I need poles for all types of Skiing?

Not always. Poles are commonly used in alpine and cross-country Skiing but not always in freestyle.

How do I start with Ice Skating?

Start at a local rink, preferably with an instructor for initial guidance.

Is figure skating the same as Ice Skating?

Figure skating is a form of Ice Skating that involves choreographed routines.

Are there any age restrictions for Ice Skating or Skiing?

No strict age limits, but children should be supervised, and older individuals should consider their physical condition.

What's the main equipment for Ice Skating?

The primary equipment for Ice Skating is skates with blades.

Do I need to be physically fit to try Skiing?

Being fit helps, especially for stamina and strength, but beginners of various fitness levels can try Skiing.

Which is harder to learn, Ice Skating or Skiing?

Both have their challenges, and difficulty varies based on individual aptitude.

Is Skiing dangerous?

Like any sport, Skiing carries risks, but with proper training and safety measures, it's generally safe.

Can Ice Skating be done outdoors?

Yes, Ice Skating can be done on outdoor rinks or naturally frozen waters.

Can I practice Ice Skating in the summer?

Yes, indoor ice rinks allow for Ice Skating year-round.

What are ski resorts?

Ski resorts are dedicated areas, often in mountainous regions, equipped for Skiing and related winter sports.

Are there professional competitions for both Ice Skating and Skiing?

Yes, both sports feature in competitions like the Winter Olympics.

Can I use regular shoes for Ice Skating?

No, specific shoes with blades (skates) are required for Ice Skating.

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