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Hungry Jack's vs. Burger King — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Maham Liaqat — Published on March 5, 2024
Hungry Jack’s is Australian franchise of the global Burger King Corporation, offering a similar menu with some localized variations. Both serve fast food, but Hungry Jack’s operates exclusively in Australia, under a different name due to trademark issues.
Hungry Jack's vs. Burger King — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Hungry Jack's and Burger King


Key Differences

Hungry Jack’s and Burger King share a common origin, both being part of the global Burger King chain. The difference in name is a result of trademark disputes when Burger King expanded into Australia in 1971; the name "Burger King" was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. Thus, the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, selected the name "Hungry Jack’s" for the Australian outlets.
The core menus of Hungry Jack’s and Burger King are largely similar, focusing on flame-grilled burgers, fries, soft drinks, and desserts. However, Hungry Jack’s has adapted its menu to cater to Australian tastes with unique offerings and promotions not found in Burger King outlets elsewhere. For instance, Hungry Jack’s might feature Australian-themed burgers or ingredients that are popular locally.
Despite the branding and menu differences, the marketing strategies and corporate identity of Hungry Jack’s align with Burger King's global image, emphasizing the quality of their flame-grilled burgers. Both brands have undergone similar rebranding efforts and updates to their store designs in recent years, aiming to modernize their appearance and appeal to a broader audience.
The existence of Hungry Jack’s as the Australian face of Burger King highlights how global franchises can adapt to local markets. While they operate under different names, the essence of their offerings remains consistent with the global Burger King brand, ensuring that customers have a similar experience worldwide, with local variations to enhance appeal.
This adaptation to local tastes while maintaining a global brand identity is a common strategy in the fast-food industry, allowing companies to expand internationally while respecting local market conditions and preferences.

Comparison Chart


Worldwide (excluding Australia)

Name Origin

Trademark issue required a unique name for the Australian market.
Original brand name of the global chain.


Similar to Burger King with additions catering to Australian preferences.
Standardized global menu with regional variations.


Operates under the Hungry Jack’s name but shares Burger King’s branding and marketing strategies.
Global branding and marketing strategies, recognizable by the Burger King name.

Special Offers

Offers unique to Australian culture and tastes.
Offers vary by region, reflecting local tastes and preferences.

Corporate Ownership

Part of the global Burger King Corporation, operated by Competitive Foods Australia.
Owned by Restaurant Brands International, with franchises worldwide.

Target Market

Australian consumers looking for fast food, particularly burgers.
Global fast-food consumers, with a focus on flame-grilled burgers.


Unique to Australia due to the pre-existing trademark on the Burger King name.
Burger King trademark is used in markets outside Australia.

Compare with Definitions

Hungry Jack's

Known for its unique Australian menu items alongside traditional Burger King fare.
At Hungry Jack’s, you can enjoy the Whopper as well as unique sides like chicken fries.

Burger King

Offers a wide range of fast-food items, including burgers, fries, and drinks, with regional variations.
Burger King in India offers a range of vegetarian burgers, catering to local dietary preferences.

Hungry Jack's

The Australian franchise of the Burger King Corporation, offering flame-grilled burgers with a local twist.
Hungry Jack’s introduces the Aussie BBQ burger, featuring beetroot and egg, catering to local tastes.

Burger King

Emphasizes quality and innovation in its global marketing strategies.
Burger King’s global campaigns often highlight the freshness and quality of their ingredients.

Hungry Jack's

Continues to expand and adapt in the competitive Australian fast-food market.
Hungry Jack’s competes fiercely with other chains in Australia, often leading in innovation and menu diversity.

Burger King

A global fast-food chain known for its flame-grilled burgers, such as the iconic Whopper.
Burger King’s Whopper has become synonymous with the brand, emphasizing their flame-grilled technique.

Hungry Jack's

Adapts global marketing strategies to the Australian market.
Hungry Jack’s latest ad campaign mirrors Burger King’s global approach but with a distinctly Aussie flavor.

Burger King

Aims to provide a consistent brand experience globally while respecting regional differences.
Despite regional menu variations, the core Burger King experience remains focused on quality and taste.

Hungry Jack's

Operates exclusively in Australia due to a trademark dispute.
Hungry Jack’s serves the same quality burgers as Burger King but under a different name in Australia.

Burger King

Operates in numerous countries worldwide, adapting its menu to suit local tastes.
Burger King’s menu in Japan includes unique items like the black squid ink burger.

Common Curiosities

Why does Burger King operate as Hungry Jack’s in Australia?

Due to a pre-existing trademark on the Burger King name in Australia, the franchise operates under the name Hungry Jack’s.

Are the menus of Hungry Jack’s and Burger King the same?

While the core menu items are similar, Hungry Jack’s includes additional items catering to Australian tastes.

Can I find a Burger King in Australia?

No, in Australia, Burger King operates as Hungry Jack’s.

Is the quality of food different between Hungry Jack’s and Burger King?

The quality standards are consistent, though menu items and ingredients may vary slightly to cater to local preferences.

How does Hungry Jack’s adapt its menu for Australian consumers?

Hungry Jack’s includes local favorites and ingredients in its menu, offering products that cater specifically to Australian tastes.

Do Hungry Jack’s and Burger King share the same branding?

Yes, they share similar branding and marketing strategies, although they operate under different names due to the trademark issue in Australia.

Have there been any legal disputes between Hungry Jack’s and Burger King?

Yes, there have been legal disputes, primarily related to franchise agreements and the use of the Burger King brand, but these are resolved, and the brands continue to operate in their respective markets.

Are Hungry Jack’s and Burger King owned by the same company?

Yes, both are part of the global Burger King Corporation, though Hungry Jack’s is operated by Competitive Foods Australia within the country.

What is the history behind the naming of Hungry Jack's?

Hungry Jack's was named after a trademark dispute in Australia when the founder, Jack Cowin, had to choose an alternative name because "Burger King" was already registered.

Do Hungry Jack’s and Burger King offer the same level of digital engagement, like apps and online ordering?

Both brands offer digital engagement through apps and online ordering platforms, though features and promotions may vary to suit local preferences and technological capabilities.

Can customers expect the same promotions at Hungry Jack’s as at Burger King locations elsewhere?

While many promotions may be similar, Hungry Jack’s also runs unique promotions and offers that cater specifically to the Australian market.

How do Hungry Jack’s and Burger King approach health and nutrition concerns?

Both brands have responded to health and nutrition concerns by offering menu options with reduced calories, less sodium, and alternative ingredients like plant-based meats, tailored to their markets.

What are the future expansion plans for Hungry Jack’s and Burger King?

While specific expansion plans are subject to change, both brands continuously seek growth opportunities, including opening new locations and entering or re-entering markets, guided by market research and consumer demand.

Are there any menu items exclusive to Hungry Jack’s?

Yes, Hungry Jack’s offers exclusive menu items that reflect Australian tastes, such as burgers with beetroot and special sauces, not typically found at Burger King.

How does Hungry Jack’s incorporate sustainability into its operations?

Hungry Jack’s, similar to Burger King, has initiatives aimed at sustainability, such as using locally sourced ingredients and reducing plastic usage, though specific strategies may vary by region.

Is there a difference in the nutritional value of food between Hungry Jack’s and Burger King?

The nutritional values of similar menu items are generally consistent, but variations can occur due to different ingredient sources and menu exclusives.

How do Hungry Jack’s and Burger King handle customer feedback?

Both Hungry Jack’s and Burger King prioritize customer feedback, offering various channels for communication, including online forms and customer service hotlines, to address concerns and improve service.

Are the franchising opportunities the same for Hungry Jack’s as they are for Burger King?

Franchising opportunities differ due to local market conditions and regulations. Interested parties should consult the respective brand’s franchising department for specific details.

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