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Honda Civic LX vs. Honda Civic EX — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Published on March 8, 2024
The Honda Civic LX is the base model offering essential features, while the EX trim adds advanced tech and comfort options, including a more powerful engine and enhanced interior amenities.
Honda Civic LX vs. Honda Civic EX — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Honda Civic LX and Honda Civic EX


Key Differences

The Honda Civic LX serves as the entry-level model, equipped with basic features and a focus on affordability. In contrast, the EX trim level elevates the driving experience with additional technological and comfort upgrades, appealing to those seeking more than just the essentials.
Engine performance distinguishes the two, with the LX typically housing a less powerful engine compared to the EX's more robust offering. This difference not only affects acceleration but also the overall driving dynamics, making the EX a better choice for enthusiasts.
Inside, the Civic EX often boasts a more sophisticated infotainment system, including larger screens and more connectivity options, while the LX adheres to more standard offerings. This enhances the user experience in the EX, making it more appealing for tech-savvy drivers.
The EX trim frequently includes advanced safety features and driver-assist technologies not found or optional in the LX, providing an added layer of security and convenience for its occupants.
Comfort and convenience features such as a sunroof, dual-zone climate control, and heated seats are typically reserved for the EX trim, offering a more luxurious and comfortable ride compared to the more utilitarian LX.

Comparison Chart

Engine Power

Less powerful engine
More powerful engine

Infotainment System

Standard system
More advanced with larger screen

Safety Features

Basic features
Advanced safety and driver-assist technologies

Comfort and Convenience

Basic amenities
Includes sunroof, dual-zone climate control, heated seats


More affordable
Higher due to additional features

Compare with Definitions

Honda Civic LX

Typically equipped with a manual transmission or a basic automatic.
Opting for the Honda Civic LX means enjoying a straightforward driving experience.

Honda Civic EX

It includes more powerful engine options for better performance.
Driving the Honda Civic EX reveals a noticeable improvement in acceleration and handling.

Honda Civic LX

Focuses on practicality without many high-end amenities.
The Honda Civic LX keeps things simple with manual air conditioning and basic audio systems.

Honda Civic EX

Offers advanced safety technologies as standard.
The Honda Civic EX is equipped with Honda Sensing technologies for increased driver confidence.

Honda Civic LX

The Honda Civic LX is the base model with essential features.
The Honda Civic LX includes a rearview camera as a standard safety feature.

Honda Civic EX

Boasts luxury amenities like a sunroof and heated seats.
The Honda Civic EX enhances comfort with its automatic climate control and sunroof.

Honda Civic LX

It offers a balance of efficiency and comfort at an entry-level price.
The Honda Civic LX is favored for its affordability and reliable performance.

Honda Civic EX

The Honda Civic EX is an upgraded trim with enhanced features.
The Honda Civic EX adds a touchscreen infotainment system for improved connectivity.

Honda Civic LX

Provides the essential Honda Civic experience with fewer frills.
The Honda Civic LX appeals to buyers looking for a no-nonsense, efficient car.

Honda Civic EX

Caters to those seeking a blend of technology, comfort, and performance.
The Honda Civic EX is ideal for drivers wanting more from their vehicle without breaking the bank.

Common Curiosities

What's the main difference between the Civic LX and EX?

The main difference is in their feature sets; the LX is more basic, while the EX offers advanced tech and comfort features.

Is the engine in the Civic EX more powerful than the LX?

Yes, the Civic EX typically has a more powerful engine compared to the LX.

Does the Civic EX have better infotainment options?

Yes, the EX trim usually features a more advanced infotainment system with larger screens and more connectivity options.

Are there any exclusive safety features in the Civic EX?

The EX often includes advanced safety and driver-assist technologies not available or optional in the LX.

Do both trims offer manual transmission?

While the LX often comes with a manual option, the EX is usually equipped with an automatic transmission, depending on the model year.

Can I upgrade the LX to have EX features?

Some features may be added through individual options or packages, but not all EX features can be replicated in the LX.

Which trim is more affordable, Civic LX or EX?

The Civic LX is more affordable due to its basic feature set.

Are heated seats standard in both trims?

Heated seats are usually exclusive to the EX trim or higher.

Can I get a sunroof with the Honda Civic LX?

Sunroofs are generally reserved for the EX trim and above, not typically available in the LX.

Is dual-zone climate control available in the LX?

No, dual-zone climate control is typically a feature found in the EX trim.

Is the audio system better in the EX?

Yes, the EX typically features a more advanced audio system with additional speakers and better sound quality.

Does the EX offer a significantly better driving experience?

Yes, thanks to its more powerful engine and enhanced features, the EX offers a more engaging and comfortable driving experience.

Will choosing the EX significantly increase the price over the LX?

While the EX is more expensive due to its added features, the price difference is justified by the significant upgrades in comfort, technology, and performance.

Is the Honda Sensing suite standard on both models?

Honda Sensing technologies are more commonly standard on the EX, while they might be optional or not available on the LX.

Which trim should I choose for the best fuel efficiency?

Both trims offer similar fuel efficiency, but specific figures can vary based on engine and transmission choices.

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