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Hereinunder vs. Hereunder — What's the Difference?

By Urooj Arif & Fiza Rafique — Updated on April 16, 2024
Hereinunder refers to within the following part of this document, while hereunder indicates directly below this line or in the subsequent part.
Hereinunder vs. Hereunder — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Hereinunder and Hereunder


Key Differences

Hereinunder is often used in legal or formal documents to specify that the relevant information or detail will be found within the later sections of the same document. Hereunder, on the other hand, directs attention to information that appears directly below the current text or very close to it in the document.
Hereinunder implies that the reader may need to look further down in the document to locate the specified information, which might not be immediately after the reference. Hereunder suggests that the information is placed almost immediately after the text, making it easier to locate without much searching.
Hereinunder typically relates to information that is embedded deeper within the document’s structure, often used to organize extensive details in a readable format. Hereunder is more straightforward, generally used when the subsequent information is concise and directly follows the clause mentioning it.
Hereinunder can be found in complex documents like contracts or lengthy legal disclosures where numerous details need specific referencing. Hereunder is suited for shorter, more straightforward documents where immediate reference is practical and more effective.
Hereinunder enhances document navigation for detailed analysis and reference, particularly in contexts where information is layered or extensive. Hereunder, by contrast, is practical for quick references and shorter documents where immediacy is beneficial.

Comparison Chart


Within the following parts of this document
Directly below this line in the document

Usage Context

Longer, more complex documents
Shorter, straightforward documents

Proximity to Reference

Information may be deeper in the text
Information is closely located

Common Document Types

Legal documents, contracts
Business letters, brief notices


Detailed navigation and reference
Immediate referencing and clarity

Compare with Definitions


Used to denote inclusion within a larger portion of text.
See the details hereinunder for a complete list of specifications.


Used for pointing directly to a subsequent part of text.
Payment details are specified hereunder.


Indicates a reference to details provided later in the document.
Further elaboration is available hereinunder.


Indicates that something will follow immediately below the current text.
The schedule mentioned hereunder outlines the project timelines.


Emphasizes the placement of content within a document.
The clauses applicable to the second party are detailed hereinunder.


Aids clarity by pointing to closely succeeding text.
See hereunder for the list of excluded items.


Serves as a navigational tool in detailed documents.
Important definitions are located hereinunder.


Helps in quick reference within shorter documents.
All rights reserved as stated hereunder.


Refers to something located in the following sections of a document.
The terms and conditions mentioned hereinunder must be followed diligently.


Specifies the immediate continuation of content.
The responsibilities of each party are listed hereunder.


In and under this (of a clause to follow later in a document, etc.).


Under this.


In a subsequent part of this document or statement or matter etc.;
The landlord demises unto the tenant the premises hereinafter called the demised premises
The terms specified hereunder


Under the terms of this agreement

Common Curiosities

How does hereunder simplify document references?

Hereunder helps in simplifying references by pointing directly to the information that follows immediately after its mention, usually in concise documents.

What types of documents most commonly use hereunder?

Short business communications, brief notices, or documents where information needs to be quickly and directly accessed commonly use hereunder.

Is hereinunder more suitable for specific sectors?

Yes, hereinunder is particularly suited for the legal sector, where detailed referencing across extensive documents is necessary.

What is the main difference in the placement of information when using hereinunder vs hereunder?

Hereinunder refers to information placed anywhere in the sections that follow, while hereunder refers to information directly below the text.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of hereinunder in informal documents?

Typically, hereinunder is not used in informal documents due to its formal tone and the structured nature of the reference.

Can hereinunder and hereunder be used interchangeably?

While sometimes used interchangeably, it is more precise to use hereinunder for references deep within a document and hereunder for immediate subsequent content.

Can the misuse of hereinunder and hereunder lead to confusion?

Yes, incorrect usage can lead to confusion about where exactly the referenced information is located within a document.

What is the typical usage of hereinunder in documents?

Hereinunder is typically used in complex legal or contractual documents to refer to information detailed further within the document.

How do hereinunder and hereunder affect the readability of a document?

Hereinunder can make documents seem more complex and detailed, requiring more navigation, whereas hereunder aids in readability by providing immediate references.

What is the best practice for using hereunder in legal documents?

In legal documents, it's best to use hereunder when referring to clauses that immediately follow to ensure clarity and ease of access.

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