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GT2 RS vs. GT3 RS. — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on February 9, 2024
GT2 RS is a more powerful, turbocharged variant focusing on straight-line speed, while GT3 RS prioritizes naturally aspirated performance and handling for track use.
GT2 RS vs. GT3 RS. — What's the Difference?

Difference Between GT2 RS and GT3 RS.


Key Differences

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS and GT3 RS represent the pinnacle of performance in the 911 lineup, each with a distinct approach to speed. The GT2 RS is renowned for its raw power and acceleration, achieved through a turbocharged engine. In contrast, the GT3 RS is celebrated for its precision and agility on the track, owing to a naturally aspirated engine that delivers a more linear power curve.
While both the GT2 RS and GT3 RS are engineered for exceptional performance, their aerodynamic designs serve different purposes. The GT2 RS features more aggressive aerodynamics to manage the increased power and enhance straight-line speed. The GT3 RS, however, focuses on maximizing downforce and stability for improved cornering and track dynamics.
The interior of the GT2 RS is designed with a focus on reducing weight and increasing performance, often featuring more lightweight materials. The GT3 RS also emphasizes a track-focused interior but with a slightly different approach, prioritizing driver engagement and feedback from the naturally aspirated engine.
In terms of driving dynamics, the GT2 RS is known for its explosive acceleration and high top speed, making it a beast on the straights. The GT3 RS, conversely, shines in the corners, with exceptional handling and responsiveness that appeal to purists seeking a more connected driving experience.
Price and exclusivity also differentiate the GT2 RS and GT3 RS. The GT2 RS often commands a higher price due to its increased power and performance capabilities, making it a more exclusive offering within the Porsche lineup. The GT3 RS, while still highly sought after, is slightly more accessible but no less revered among enthusiasts.

Comparison Chart

Engine Type

Naturally Aspirated

Power Focus

Straight-line Speed and Power
Handling and Track Performance

Aerodynamic Design

Aggressive for Speed
Optimized for Downforce and Stability

Interior Focus

Lightweight and Performance-oriented
Driver Engagement and Feedback

Driving Dynamics

Explosive Acceleration and High Top Speed
Precision Handling and Cornering

Price and Exclusivity

Higher Price, More Exclusive
Slightly More Accessible, Highly Revered

Compare with Definitions


The GT2 RS is the epitome of Porsche's engineering prowess.
The GT2 RS set a new lap record at the Nürburgring.


The GT3 RS is engineered for unmatched track performance.
The GT3 RS feels at home on any race track.


Designed with a focus on aerodynamics and speed.
The GT2 RS features a rear wing that enhances its high-speed stability.


Offers a pure, engaging driving experience.
Driving the GT3 RS is a visceral experience that connects you to the road.


A symbol of luxury and exclusivity in the automotive world.
Owning a GT2 RS places you in an elite group of car enthusiasts.


Features a high-revving naturally aspirated engine.
The GT3 RS's engine sings a captivating tune at full throttle.


Represents the pinnacle of Porsche's performance vehicles.
The GT2 RS combines power, precision, and performance in one package.


Aerodynamics tailored for maximum downforce and stability.
The GT3 RS's large rear wing aids in its exceptional cornering ability.


It boasts a turbocharged engine for breathtaking acceleration.
The GT2 RS rockets from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.


Embodies Porsche's racing heritage and expertise.
The GT3 RS draws from decades of Porsche's motorsport success.

Common Curiosities

How is the GT3 RS's engine unique?

The GT3 RS features a naturally aspirated engine, prized for its linear power delivery and high-revving capabilities.

Is the GT3 RS suitable for track days?

Absolutely, the GT3 RS is engineered specifically with track performance in mind.

Are both models street legal?

Yes, both the GT2 RS and GT3 RS are street-legal, though they are optimized for performance.

Can I customize my GT3 RS?

Porsche offers various customization options for the GT3 RS to suit personal preferences.

What powers the GT2 RS?

The GT2 RS is powered by a turbocharged engine designed for high performance and speed.

Can the GT2 RS be used daily?

While the GT2 RS is road-legal, its aggressive setup is best enjoyed in performance-driven environments.

What makes the GT2 RS's aerodynamics special?

Its aerodynamics are designed to manage the turbocharged power, enhancing speed and stability.

Which is better for a novice driver, GT2 RS or GT3 RS?

The GT3 RS, with its focus on handling and driver feedback, might be more forgiving for novice drivers.

Are there any special editions of the GT2 RS or GT3 RS?

Porsche occasionally releases special editions with unique features and enhancements.

How does the GT3 RS handle corners?

The GT3 RS excels in cornering, thanks to its downforce-oriented aerodynamics and suspension tuning.

What's the price difference between the GT2 RS and GT3 RS?

The GT2 RS typically commands a higher price due to its increased power and exclusivity.

Can the GT2 RS's turbo lag be noticeable?

Modern turbo technology minimizes lag, making the GT2 RS's power delivery impressively immediate.

Is the GT2 RS faster than the GT3 RS?

In terms of top speed and acceleration, the GT2 RS generally outperforms the GT3 RS.

How does the interior of the GT2 RS compare to the GT3 RS?

Both interiors are performance-focused, but the GT2 RS often features more lightweight materials.

What is the fuel efficiency of the GT3 RS?

The GT3 RS, being a high-performance vehicle, prioritizes performance over fuel efficiency.

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