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Golden Globes vs. Emmys — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 31, 2024
The Golden Globes are awards for both film and television, hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, while the Emmys are television-specific awards hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
Golden Globes vs. Emmys — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Golden Globes and Emmys


Key Differences

The Golden Globes, organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), honor achievements in both film and television across a variety of genres. The Emmys, organized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, are dedicated solely to television, recognizing excellence in various categories of TV production.
The Golden Globes cover a broader scope, including both domestic and foreign productions in film and television. The Emmys focus strictly on television content produced within the United States.
The Golden Globes are known for their more relaxed, party-like atmosphere, with dinner and drinks served during the ceremony. The Emmys, in contrast, are a more traditional award show with a formal presentation and a focus on the ceremony itself.
In terms of prestige, both awards are highly coveted, but the Golden Globes are often seen as a precursor to the Oscars, especially in the film categories. The Emmys are considered the highest honor specifically for television achievements.
The voting process for each is different: the Golden Globes are voted on by a small group of international journalists in the HFPA, while the Emmys involve a larger body of industry professionals, including writers, producers, directors, and actors.

Comparison Chart

Organizing Body

Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


Film and Television
Television only


Party-like with dinner and drinks
Traditional and formal


Precursor to Oscars in film
Highest honor in television

Voting Process

Small group of international journalists
Larger body of TV industry professionals

Compare with Definitions

Golden Globes

Often seen as a precursor to the Oscars.
Winning at the Golden Globes can boost a film's Oscars chances.


Considered the highest television honor.
Winning an Emmy is a prestigious achievement in television.

Golden Globes

Known for a relaxed atmosphere.
Celebrities enjoy the dinner party setting at the Golden Globes.


Organized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
The Emmys this year had numerous categories.

Golden Globes

Awards for film and television.
The movie won several Golden Globes, including Best Picture.


Awards dedicated to television.
The show won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Golden Globes

Includes both domestic and foreign productions.
A foreign film received high recognition at the Golden Globes.


Focuses on U.S. television content.
The Emmys celebrate the best in American TV shows.

Golden Globes

Hosted by the HFPA.
The HFPA announced the nominees for this year's Golden Globes.


Recognizes excellence in TV production.
He received an Emmy for his groundbreaking directing.

Common Curiosities

What type of productions are eligible for Emmys?

Television productions from the United States.

How is the atmosphere at the Golden Globes?

It's known for being more relaxed and party-like.

Do the Golden Globes include international productions?

Yes, they recognize both domestic and foreign works.

What are the Golden Globes?

Awards honoring both film and television achievements.

Can a TV show win both a Golden Globe and an Emmy?

Yes, a show can be honored at both award ceremonies.

Who votes for the Emmys?

Industry professionals like writers, producers, and actors.

Are the Emmys formal?

Yes, they have a traditional and formal presentation.

What is the voting process for the Golden Globes?

It's conducted by a small group of international journalists in the HFPA.

What is the highest honor in television?

The Emmy Awards are considered the highest accolade.

Are the Golden Globes considered a precursor to any other award?

Yes, particularly to the Oscars in film categories.

Do the Golden Globes have a dinner setting?

Yes, dinner and drinks are served during the ceremony.

Who organizes the Emmys?

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Can foreign TV shows win Emmys?

Generally, Emmys focus on American productions, but there are categories for international content.

How are the Emmys different from the Oscars?

The Emmys focus exclusively on television, while the Oscars honor cinematic achievements.

What kind of productions do the Golden Globes recognize?

They honor a wide range, including both film and television.

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