Geek vs. Teek

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  • Geek (noun)

    A carnival performer specializing in bizarre and unappetizing behavior.

    "I once saw a geek bite the head off a live chicken."

  • Geek (noun)

    A person who is intensely interested in a particular field or hobby and often having limited or nonstandard social skills. Often used with an attributive noun.

    "I was a complete computer geek in high school, but I get out a lot more now."

    "Most famous actors are really theater geeks at heart."

  • Geek (noun)

    An expert in a technical field, particularly one having to do with computers.

    "My laptop’s locked up again. I need a geek."

    "Do you need a hardware geek or a software geek?"

  • Geek (noun)

    The subculture of geeks; an esoteric subject of interest that is marginal to the social mainstream; the philosophy, events, and physical artifacts of geeks.

  • Geek (noun)

    An unfashionable or socially undesirable person.

    "Why do you hang around with them? They’re just geeks."

  • Geek (noun)

    A look.

    "Have a geek at this."

  • Geek (verb)

    To behave geekishly or in a socially awkward manner, especially when under the influence of drugs or other psycho-active substances, and exhibiting such marked characteristics as hyperactivity, repetitiveness, talkativeness, nervousness, irritability, or paranoia.

    "Hey, check out that guy...he's really geeking out pretty bad."

  • Geek (verb)

    To look; to peep; to stare about intently.

  • Teek (noun)

    A telekinetic person; a person who has telekinetic abilities.

  • Teek (verb)

    To use telekinesis on; to move (something) with the power of one's mind.

  • Geek (noun)

    A performer in a carnival, often presented as a wild man, who performs grotesquely disgusting acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken or snake.

  • Geek (noun)

    Any eccentric or strange person; an oddball; an eccentric.

  • Geek (noun)

    A student who is socially inept and a misfit in his class, especially one who is an intellectual; a nerd; a dork.

  • Geek (noun)

    An intellectually inclined person, especially one who is interested in scientific or technical subjects; as, a group of geeks wearing pocket protectors; - originally a deprecatory and contemptuous term, but in the 1990's, with the increase in popularity of computers and the frequency of accumulation of great wealth by computer entrepreneurs, it has come to be used with noticeable frequency by technically competent people to refer to themselves, ironically and sometimes proudly.

  • Teek (noun)

    See Teak.

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