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Fortuner vs. Harrier — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 28, 2024
The Fortuner is a robust, off-road capable SUV from Toyota, while the Harrier, also known as the Lexus RX, is a sleek, luxury crossover SUV offering refined comfort.
Fortuner vs. Harrier — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Fortuner and Harrier


Key Differences

The Toyota Fortuner is known for its rugged build and off-road capabilities, favored for its durability and high ground clearance. The Harrier, also marketed as the Lexus RX in some regions, emphasizes luxury and comfort, with a focus on smooth driving and premium interiors.
In terms of design, the Fortuner features a more aggressive, muscular look suitable for rough terrains and outdoor adventures. The Harrier, on the other hand, boasts a sleeker, more elegant design, aligning with its status as a luxury crossover SUV.
The Fortuner is equipped with powerful engines suitable for towing and off-road driving, offering both petrol and diesel options. The Harrier typically features refined petrol and hybrid powertrains, prioritizing smooth performance and fuel efficiency.
Inside, the Fortuner provides a spacious and practical interior, designed to withstand tough conditions. The Harrier’s interior, conversely, is crafted for luxury, with high-quality materials and advanced technology for passenger comfort and convenience.
The Fortuner, with its 4x4 capabilities, caters to those seeking a dependable vehicle for challenging terrains. The Harrier, catering more to urban environments, offers advanced driver-assistance systems and a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Comparison Chart

Vehicle Type

Off-road capable SUV
Luxury crossover SUV


Aggressive, muscular
Sleek, elegant

Engine Options

Powerful petrol and diesel
Refined petrol and hybrid


Spacious and practical
Luxurious and high-tech

Target Terrain

Rough terrain, off-road
Urban, smooth roads

Compare with Definitions


Known for its durability and high ground clearance.
The high ground clearance of the Fortuner makes it perfect for rough terrains.


Suited for urban driving with advanced driver-assistance systems.
The Harrier's advanced systems make city driving a breeze.


Offers a muscular design and spacious interior.
The Fortuner's muscular design stands out in the city streets.


Focuses on comfort and smooth driving experience.
Driving the Harrier feels exceptionally smooth and comfortable.


Available in both petrol and diesel engine options.
I chose the diesel Fortuner for its towing capacity.


Features refined engines and hybrid options.
I appreciate the fuel efficiency of the Harrier's hybrid model.


A rugged, off-road capable SUV from Toyota.
We took the Fortuner for an off-road adventure in the mountains.


A luxury crossover SUV, also known as Lexus RX.
The Harrier, with its sleek design, is a great choice for luxury SUV lovers.


Ideal for challenging terrains and outdoor enthusiasts.
For our camping trips, the Fortuner is our go-to vehicle.


Boasts a high-quality, technologically advanced interior.
The interior of the Harrier is equipped with the latest technology.

Common Curiosities

Is the Fortuner good for city driving?

While capable, it's more suited for off-road and rugged terrains.

What safety features does the Fortuner have?

It includes features like stability control, airbags, and ABS.

Is the Harrier fuel-efficient?

Yes, especially the hybrid models are known for good fuel efficiency.

Which is more expensive, the Fortuner or the Harrier?

The Harrier, especially its Lexus RX variant, tends to be more expensive.

Is four-wheel drive standard in the Fortuner?

Many Fortuner models come with 4x4 capabilities.

Does the Fortuner offer a luxury experience?

It's more focused on practicality and durability than luxury.

Can the Harrier handle off-road conditions?

It's designed more for urban and smooth road driving.

Can the Fortuner seat more passengers than the Harrier?

Generally, the Fortuner can accommodate more passengers with its spacious design.

Are Harrier models equipped with advanced technology?

Yes, they often feature the latest in-car technology and connectivity.

What type of suspension does the Fortuner have?

It has a robust suspension suitable for off-road conditions.

Does the Harrier have a good sound system?

Yes, it often features a high-quality sound system.

Does the Fortuner have a good resale value?

Yes, it's known for maintaining a strong resale value.

How is the cargo space in the Harrier?

The Harrier offers ample cargo space, typical for a luxury crossover.

Which is better for long-distance travel, Fortuner or Harrier?

The Harrier offers more comfort for long drives, while the Fortuner is better for rugged terrain.

Is the Harrier available in a diesel engine?

Typically, the Harrier is offered in petrol and hybrid variants.

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