Formal vs. Prom

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  • Formal (adjective)

    Being in accord with established forms.

    "She spoke formal English, without any dialect."

  • Formal (adjective)


    "I'd like to make a formal complaint."

  • Formal (adjective)

    Relating to the form or structure of something.

    "Formal linguistics ignores the vocabulary of languages and focuses solely on their grammar."

  • Formal (adjective)

    Relating to formation.

    "The formal stage is a critical part of any child's development."

  • Formal (adjective)

    Ceremonial or traditional.

    "Formal wear must be worn at my wedding!"

  • Formal (adjective)

    Proper, according to strict etiquette; not casual.

    "He's always very formal, and I wish he'd relax a bit."

  • Formal (adjective)

    Organized; well-structured and planned.

    "When they became a formal club the rowers built a small boathouse."

  • Formal (adjective)

    Relating to mere manipulation and construction of strings of symbols, without regard to their meaning.

    "Formal series are defined without any reference to convergence."

  • Formal (noun)


  • Formal (noun)

    An evening gown.

  • Formal (noun)

    An event with a formal dress code.

    "Jenny took Sam to her Year 12 formal."

  • Formal (noun)

    A formal parameter.

  • Prom (noun)

    a promenade concert

  • Prom (noun)


  • Prom (noun)

    a formal ball held at a high school or college on special occasions, e.g. near the end of the academic year

Webster Dictionary
  • Formal (adjective)

    being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress);

    "pay one's formal respects"

    "formal dress"

    "a formal ball"

    "the requirement was only formal and often ignored"

    "a formal education"

  • Formal (adjective)

    characteristic of or befitting a person in authority;

    "formal duties"

    "an official banquet"

  • Formal (adjective)

    (of spoken and written language) adhering to traditional standards of correctness and without casual, contracted, and colloquial forms;

    "the paper was written in formal English"

  • Formal (adjective)

    represented in simplified or symbolic form

  • Formal (adjective)

    logically deductive;

    "formal proof"

  • Formal (adjective)

    refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court;

    "a courtly gentleman"

  • Prom (noun)

    a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year

Princeton's WordNet

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