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Eufy Doorbell vs. Ring Doorbell — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on March 7, 2024
The Eufy Doorbell offers local storage options and doesn't require a subscription for access to advanced features, while the Ring Doorbell emphasizes cloud storage with a subscription for full feature access, including video recording and sharing.
Eufy Doorbell vs. Ring Doorbell — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Eufy Doorbell and Ring Doorbell


Key Differences

The Eufy Doorbell and Ring Doorbell are both popular smart doorbell options with video capabilities, but they cater to different user preferences regarding data storage, privacy, and subscription models. Eufy emphasizes privacy and cost-effectiveness by providing local storage for video recordings, allowing homeowners to access their video footage without a monthly fee. This approach appeals to users concerned about privacy and ongoing costs.
The Ring Doorbell, on the other hand, uses cloud storage to hold video recordings, which requires a subscription to access recorded footage and share videos. While this entails additional costs, it offers the convenience of accessing footage from anywhere and simplifies sharing. Ring's model may appeal to users who prioritize ease of access and are comfortable with cloud storage.
Both doorbells offer high-quality video, motion detection, and smart home integration, but their approach to subscriptions and storage differentiates them. Eufy's no-subscription model is great for those looking to avoid ongoing costs, while Ring's subscription model provides enhanced features and cloud storage for those willing to pay for these conveniences.
Ring's wider product ecosystem allows for more extensive smart home integration, appealing to users looking for a comprehensive smart home setup. Eufy, while offering a solid range of products, is often chosen for its standalone capabilities and privacy features.
In terms of installation, both brands offer both wired and battery-powered options, catering to different home setups and user preferences. The choice between Eufy and Ring often comes down to the user's priorities in terms of privacy, cost (both upfront and ongoing), and integration with broader smart home systems.

Comparison Chart

Storage Option

Local storage
Cloud storage

Subscription Required

No, for basic features including access to recordings
Yes, for access to recorded footage and sharing


Higher, due to local storage
Lower, due to reliance on cloud storage

Initial Cost

Comparable, varies by model
Comparable, varies by model

Ongoing Costs

Lower, no required subscription
Higher, subscription needed for full features

Smart Home Integration

Compatible with major systems, slightly limited
Extensive integration within Ring and Amazon ecosystem

Video Quality

High-quality video, comparable to Ring
High-quality video

Power Options

Both wired and battery-powered options available
Both wired and battery-powered options available

User Preference

Privacy-conscious and cost-averse users
Users prioritizing convenience and cloud access

Compare with Definitions

Eufy Doorbell

A smart doorbell offering local storage, eliminating the need for a subscription.
The Eufy Doorbell lets you store footage directly on a homebase.

Ring Doorbell

High-quality video accessible from anywhere via the cloud.
Watch live footage or recorded clips from your Ring app.

Eufy Doorbell

Compatible with major smart home systems, with some limitations.
Eufy integrates well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Ring Doorbell

Subscription model offers added features like video sharing.
Share clips from your Ring Doorbell with neighbors or police.

Eufy Doorbell

Known for its privacy-focused design.
Eufy's encryption ensures your data stays private.

Ring Doorbell

A cloud-based smart doorbell requiring a subscription for full functionality.
Access your Ring Doorbell's recorded videos anytime with a Ring Protect plan.

Eufy Doorbell

Appeals to users concerned with data privacy and avoiding subscriptions.
Choose Eufy for secure, subscription-free home surveillance.

Ring Doorbell

Ideal for users valuing convenience and comprehensive smart home integration.
Ring's ecosystem offers a complete smart home security solution.

Eufy Doorbell

Offers high-definition video without ongoing costs.
Enjoy crisp video footage at no extra monthly fee with Eufy.

Ring Doorbell

Offers extensive smart home integration, especially within the Amazon ecosystem.
Ring works seamlessly with Alexa for voice commands.

Common Curiosities

Do Eufy and Ring doorbells require professional installation?

Both offer DIY installation options, with professional installation available for users who prefer it.

Which doorbell offers better video quality?

Video quality is comparable between the two; differences lie more in storage and subscription models.

Can I use Eufy or Ring doorbells without a subscription?

Eufy can be used without a subscription with full access to its features, while Ring offers limited functionality without a subscription.

Can I access Eufy and Ring doorbell footage on my phone?

Yes, both brands have apps that allow you to view live and recorded footage on your smartphone.

Are Eufy and Ring doorbells weatherproof?

Both brands offer weather-resistant models suitable for outdoor use.

Do both doorbells offer motion detection?

Yes, both Eufy and Ring doorbells include motion detection features.

Is there a significant price difference between Eufy and Ring doorbells?

Initial costs are similar, but long-term costs may be higher with Ring due to the subscription for cloud storage.

Can I integrate Eufy or Ring doorbells with smart locks?

Both systems can integrate with smart locks, though compatibility varies by brand and model.

Which doorbell is better for a user with no technical skills?

Both are user-friendly, but Ring's cloud-based system might offer slightly more convenience for users less comfortable with technology due to its extensive support and integration options.

Can I switch from Ring to Eufy or vice versa without changing my existing smart home devices?

Switching is possible, but the extent of integration and compatibility with your existing devices will vary depending on the specific products and platforms used in your smart home setup.

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