Ethnography vs. Ethnology

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Main Difference

The main difference between Ethnography and Ethnology is that the Ethnography is a qualitative research design aimed at exploring cultural phenomena and Ethnology is a social science that deals with ethnies (Peoples).

  • Ethnography (noun)

    The branch of anthropology that scientifically describes specific human cultures and societies.

  • Ethnology (noun)

    The branch of anthropology that studies and compares the different human cultures.

  • Ethnography (noun)

    That branch of knowledge which has for its subject the characteristics of the human family, developing the details with which ethnology as a comparative science deals; descriptive ethnology. See Ethnology.

  • Ethnology (noun)

    The science which treats of the division of mankind into races, their origin, distribution, and relations, and the peculiarities which characterize them.

Webster Dictionary
  • Ethnography (noun)

    the branch of anthropology that provides scientific description of individual human societies

  • Ethnology (noun)

    the branch of anthropology that deals with the division of humankind into races and with their origins and distribution and distinctive characteristics

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