Enthusiastic vs. Keen

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  • Enthusiastic (adjective)

    With zealous fervor; excited, motivated.

    "an enthusiastic lover of art"

  • Keen (adjective)

    Often with a infinitive: showing a quick and ardent responsiveness or willingness; eager, enthusiastic, interested.

    "I’m keen about computers."

    "I’m keen on you.|I like you.|inline=1"

    "He is keen for help."

    "She’s keen to learn another language."

    "“Do you want to go on holiday with me?” / “Yes, I’m keen.”"

  • Keen (adjective)

    Fierce, intense, vehement.

    "This boy has a keen appetite."

  • Keen (adjective)

    Having a fine edge or point; sharp.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Acute of mind, having or expressing penetrating, sharp.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Acrimonious, bitter, piercing.

    "keen satire or sarcasm"

  • Keen (adjective)

    Of cold, wind, etc.: cutting, penetrating, piercing, sharp.

    "a keen wind"

    "the cold is very keen"

  • Keen (adjective)

    Extremely low as to be competitive.

    "keen prices"

  • Keen (adjective)


    "I just got this peachy keen new dress."

  • Keen (adjective)

    Brave, courageous; audacious, bold.

  • Keen (verb)

    To make cold, to sharpen.

  • Keen (verb)

    To utter a keen.

  • Keen (verb)

    To utter with a voice or cry.

  • Keen (verb)

    To mourn.

  • Keen (noun)

    A prolonged wail for a deceased person.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Enthusiastic (adjective)

    Filled with enthusiasm; characterized by enthusiasm; zealous; as, an enthusiastic lover of art.

  • Enthusiastic (noun)

    An enthusiast; a zealot.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Sharp; having a fine edge or point; as, a keen razor, or a razor with a keen edge.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Acute of mind; sharp; penetrating; having or expressing mental acuteness; as, a man of keen understanding; a keen look; keen features.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Bitter; piercing; acrimonious; cutting; stinging; severe; as, keen satire or sarcasm.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Piercing; penetrating; cutting; sharp; - applied to cold, wind, etc.; as, a keen wind; the cold is very keen.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Eager; vehement; fierce; as, a keen appetite.

  • Keen (adjective)

    Wonderful; delightful; marvelous; as, that would be keen.

  • Keen

    To sharpen; to make cold.

  • Keen (noun)

    A prolonged wail for a deceased person. Cf. Coranach.

  • Keen (verb)

    To wail as a keener does.

Webster Dictionary
  • Enthusiastic (adjective)

    having or showing great excitement and interest;

    "enthusiastic crowds filled the streets"

    "an enthusiastic response"

    "was enthusiastic about taking ballet lessons"

  • Keen (noun)

    a funeral lament sung with loud wailing

  • Keen (verb)

    express grief verbally;

    "we lamented the death of the child"

  • Keen (adjective)

    having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions;

    "an acute observer of politics and politicians"

    "incisive comments"

    "icy knifelike reasoning"

    "as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang"

    "penetrating insight"

    "frequent penetrative observations"

  • Keen (adjective)

    intense or sharp;

    "suffered exquisite pain"

    "felt exquisite pleasure"

  • Keen (adjective)

    very penetrating and clear and sharp in operation;

    "an incisive mind"

    "a keen intelligence"

    "of sharp and active intellect"

  • Keen (adjective)

    very good;

    "he did a bully job"

    "a neat sports car"

    "had a great time at the party"

    "you look simply smashing"

  • Keen (adjective)

    as physically painful as if caused by a sharp instrument;

    "a cutting wind"

    "keen winds"

    "knifelike cold"

    "piercing knifelike pains"

    "piercing cold"

    "piercing criticism"

    "a stabbing pain"

    "lancinating pain"

  • Keen (adjective)

    having a sharp cutting edge or point;

    "a keen blade"

Princeton's WordNet

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