Stallion vs. Mustang

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Main Difference

The main difference between Stallion and Mustang is that the Stallion is a male horse that has not been gelded (castrated) and Mustang is a type of horse

  • Stallion (noun)

    An adult male horse.

  • Stallion (noun)

    Specifically, one that is uncastrated.

  • Stallion (noun)

    A very virile and sexually-inclined man or (rarely) woman.

  • Mustang (noun)

    A small, hardy, naturalized (feral) horse of the North American west.

  • Mustang (noun)

    A commissioned American Civil War.

  • Mustang (noun)

    A commissioned officer who started military service as an enlisted person.

  • Stallion (noun)

    an uncastrated adult male horse.

  • Mustang (noun)

    an American feral horse which is typically small and lightly built.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Stallion (noun)

    A male horse not castrated; a male horse kept for breeding.

  • Mustang (noun)

    The half-wild horse of the plains in Mexico, California, etc. It is small, hardy, and easily sustained.

Webster Dictionary
  • Stallion (noun)

    uncastrated adult male horse

  • Mustang (noun)

    small hardy range horse of the western plains descended from horses brought by the Spanish

Princeton's WordNet

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