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Emirates vs. Etihad — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 23, 2024
Emirates is Dubai-based, one of the world's largest airlines, known for luxury services. Etihad is Abu Dhabi-based, known for premium services, and is a bit smaller than Emirates.
Emirates vs. Etihad — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Emirates and Etihad


Key Differences

Emirates, headquartered in Dubai, is the largest airline in the Middle East and operates extensive global routes. Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, is a bit smaller in terms of fleet size and global reach but also offers extensive international service.
Emirates is renowned for its luxurious in-flight services, including private suites and shower spas in first class. Etihad also offers luxury services, including The Residence on some aircraft, which features a three-room suite with a butler.
In terms of fleet size and network, Emirates operates one of the world's largest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, serving a larger network of destinations. Etihad, while having a diverse fleet, focuses on a slightly smaller network.
Emirates is a key player in international tourism and travel, particularly for Dubai. Etihad, while also significant in promoting Abu Dhabi, positions itself as a premium boutique airline.
Both airlines are key competitors in the luxury travel market and are known for their innovation, service quality, and contributions to the aviation industry.

Comparison Chart


Dubai, UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Fleet Size & Network

Larger fleet and network, with a focus on Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s
Smaller fleet, focuses on a slightly smaller network

Luxury Services

Known for private suites and shower spas in first class
Offers The Residence, a three-room suite with a butler


Key player in international tourism for Dubai
Premium boutique airline promoting Abu Dhabi

Market Role

One of the world's largest airlines, known for luxury
Known for premium services, slightly smaller than Emirates

Compare with Definitions


A major Dubai-based international airline.
Emirates offers one of the most luxurious air travel experiences.


Offers The Residence on some flights.
Etihad's The Residence provides unmatched luxury with its private suite in the sky.


Offers high-end luxury services.
Emirates' first-class cabins set the standard in luxury air travel.


Abu Dhabi-based international airline.
Etihad is known for its personalized service and premium cabins.


Known for its large fleet of Airbus A380s.
Emirates' Airbus A380s are a common sight in major airports worldwide.


Known for premium boutique services.
Etihad focuses on offering a boutique experience to its passengers.


Plays a significant role in global tourism.
Emirates contributes significantly to Dubai's position as a global travel hub.


Has a diverse fleet serving international destinations.
Etihad’s diverse fleet allows it to serve numerous global destinations effectively.


Has a vast international route network.
Emirates connects Dubai with cities across six continents.


Promotes Abu Dhabi as a travel destination.
Etihad plays a crucial role in boosting Abu Dhabi’s tourism.

Common Curiosities

Which airline is larger, Emirates or Etihad?

Emirates is larger in terms of fleet size and network.

Does Emirates have a special luxury suite on their planes?

Yes, Emirates offers private suites and even shower spas in first class.

Do both Emirates and Etihad offer luxury services?

Yes, both offer high-end luxury services, but in different formats.

Can you fly to more destinations with Emirates or Etihad?

Emirates offers a larger network, covering more destinations.

What is unique about Etihad’s The Residence?

The Residence is a three-room suite with a butler, exclusive to Etihad.

Is Etihad based in the same city as Emirates?

No, Etihad is based in Abu Dhabi, while Emirates is based in Dubai.

Has Etihad won any major airline awards?

Yes, Etihad has received multiple awards for its service quality and innovation.

Do both airlines offer good connectivity across continents?

Yes, both offer extensive global connectivity, with Emirates having a broader reach.

Which airline operates more Airbus A380s?

Emirates operates one of the world's largest fleets of Airbus A380s.

Are both airlines state-owned?

Yes, both Emirates and Etihad are state-owned carriers.

Which airline is known for more innovative services?

Both are known for innovation, but Emirates is particularly noted for its luxurious and innovative services.

Which airline offers a more personalized flying experience?

Etihad is known for its personalized, boutique-style service.

Can you find more affordable flights with Etihad or Emirates?

Pricing varies, but Emirates offers a wider range of options, potentially including more affordable flights.

Do both airlines contribute to their respective cities' tourism?

Yes, both play significant roles in promoting Dubai and Abu Dhabi as travel destinations.

Are the loyalty programs of both airlines similar?

Each airline has its unique loyalty program, offering different benefits and rewards to passengers.

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