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Elected vs. Selected — What's the Difference?

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Elected refers to being chosen by vote, while Selected means being chosen or picked out from a group.
Elected vs. Selected — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Elected and Selected


Key Differences

Elected implies that an individual or a proposal has been chosen through a democratic process involving voting. It often applies to positions of authority, such as politicians or committee members. The act of voting ensures that the decision is reflective of the majority's choice. On the other hand, Selected can occur without such a democratic procedure. It denotes a simple act of picking or choosing from a group based on certain criteria.
In another context, Elected officials are generally accountable to the people who voted for them. They have a responsibility to represent the interests of those who placed them in power. Conversely, Selected individuals might not have such explicit accountability, as they might be chosen based on expertise, suitability for a role, or other criteria without necessarily representing a larger group.
In the realm of governance, Elected leaders often have a mandate from the people. This mandate is derived from the trust placed in them by the voters. Selected leaders or representatives, however, might be appointed because of their skills, experience, or other attributes, without necessarily having a public mandate.

Comparison Chart


Chosen by vote
Chosen or picked from a group


To the voters
To the chooser/appointer

Basis of Choice

Democratic mandate
Expertise, suitability, etc.


Defined by election terms
Might not be clearly defined


Reflects collective decision
Can be individual or committee's choice

Compare with Definitions


Having received formal approval via ballots.
The new law was elected after a tight vote.


Chosen from a group.
The selected design will be showcased next week.


Appointed to a position as a result of winning votes.
He was elected to the board of directors.


Handpicked based on specific criteria.
The selected candidates will undergo training.


Chosen by voters in an election.
She was elected as the president of the association.


Preferred among multiple options.
The selected color was a shade of blue.


Having secured a place due to popular vote.
The elected mayor took office yesterday.


Identified for a specific role or task.
He was selected as the keynote speaker.


To select by vote for an office or for membership
Elected her club president.


To take as a choice from among several; pick out
We selected the ripest pears at the orchard. The winning ticket was selected at random.


To pick out; select
Elect an art course.


To make a choice or selection
The menu offered numerous dishes to select from.


To decide, especially by preference
Elected to take the summer off.


Singled out in preference; chosen
A select few.


To select by divine will for salvation. Used of God.


Of special quality or value; choice
Select peaches.


Chosen deliberately; singled out
An elect group of advisers.


Of or relating to the USDA grade of beef that has less marbling than choice or prime cuts.


Elected but not yet installed. Often used in combination
The governor-elect.


Careful or refined in making selections; discriminating.


Chosen for marriage. Often used in combination
The bride-elect.


One that is chosen in preference to others or because of special value.


Selected by divine will for salvation.


(used with a pl. verb) Chosen or preferred items or people considered as a group. Often used with the.


One that is chosen or selected.


That have been selected or chosen.


One selected by divine will for salvation.


Simple past tense and past participle of select


(used with a pl. verb) An exclusive group of people. Used with the
One of the elect who have power inside the government.


Chosen in preference to another


Simple past tense and past participle of elect


Set apart for a special purpose.
The selected team will compete internationally.


One who is elected.


Subject to popular election;
Elective official


Preferred by the majority in a voting system.
The proposal was elected by a vast majority.

Common Curiosities

How is Selected different from Elected?

Selected means chosen from a group, while Elected implies being chosen by vote.

Can a person be both Elected and Selected for a role?

Yes, a person can be selected (chosen) to run for a position and then elected (voted) into it.

Do Elected officials always represent a majority?

Typically, Elected officials represent the majority in a voting system, but it can depend on the voting process.

Is Selected always an undemocratic process?

No, Selected simply means chosen, which can be done democratically or not.

What does Elected mean?

Elected means chosen by voters in an election.

Is the tenure of Elected officials always fixed?

Usually, Elected officials have a predetermined term, but specifics vary by position and jurisdiction.

Is an Elected representative more accountable than a Selected one?

Elected representatives are typically accountable to their voters, while Selected ones are accountable to those who chose them.

How do I use Elected in a sentence?

"She was elected as the club's president for the next year."

How do I use Selected in a sentence?

"From all the applicants, five were selected for the final interview."

Are there situations where Elected and Selected can be used interchangeably?

Rarely. While both imply a choice, the context and method of choice often dictate which word is appropriate.

Can you give an example of someone being Selected but not Elected?

A CEO might be selected by a board without being elected by employees.

Can a product be Elected?

Not in the typical sense. Products can be "selected" as preferred or top choices, but not "elected" like officials.

Are Elected positions always for public offices?

No, positions within private organizations can also be elected by members or shareholders.

Do Selected individuals always lack public mandate?

Not always, but Selected individuals are often chosen based on criteria other than public voting.

Is an election the only way to be Elected?

Typically, yes. Being Elected implies a formal voting process.

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