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EarPods vs. AirPods — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 23, 2024
EarPods are wired earphones with a standard 3.5mm jack or Lightning connector; AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds with advanced features like spatial audio and touch controls.
EarPods vs. AirPods — What's the Difference?

Difference Between EarPods and AirPods


Key Differences

EarPods, introduced by Apple, are wired earphones that connect to devices via a 3.5mm headphone jack or a Lightning connector for newer Apple devices. AirPods, on the other hand, are Apple's wireless earbuds that connect to devices via Bluetooth, offering a cord-free experience. EarPods are known for their simple design and ease of use, while AirPods provide a more advanced, tech-forward user experience.
In terms of sound quality, both EarPods and AirPods deliver clear and balanced audio. However, AirPods have additional features like spatial audio and adaptive EQ, enhancing the overall sound experience. EarPods provide a reliable audio output but lack these advanced audio processing capabilities.
AirPods include features like automatic pausing when removed from the ear, touch controls for music playback and calls, and integration with Siri. EarPods, being wired and more basic, lack these smart features but still include a built-in remote and microphone for calls and music control.
Battery life is a key difference. AirPods require regular charging and offer several hours of listening time, while EarPods, being wired, do not need charging. This makes EarPods more reliable for continuous use, albeit with the limitation of a physical connection.
In terms of pricing, EarPods are more affordable compared to the higher price point of AirPods. This reflects the advanced technology and wireless capabilities present in AirPods, positioning them as a premium audio accessory.

Comparison Chart

Connection Type

Wired (3.5mm jack or Lightning)
Wireless (Bluetooth)

Sound Features

Standard audio quality
Spatial audio, adaptive EQ

Smart Features

Basic remote and microphone
Automatic pausing, touch controls, Siri integration

Battery Life

Not applicable (wired)
Requires charging, hours of listening time


More affordable
Premium pricing

Compare with Definitions


EarPods are known for their iconic design.
The distinct shape of EarPods is easily recognizable.


AirPods are a premium Apple audio accessory.
I invested in AirPods for their quality and wireless convenience.


EarPods are wired earphones made by Apple.
I use EarPods with my older iPhone that has a headphone jack.


AirPods feature advanced audio technologies like spatial audio.
Watching movies with my AirPods and their spatial audio is immersive.


EarPods connect via a 3.5mm jack or Lightning connector.
My EarPods plug directly into the Lightning port of my phone.


AirPods require charging but provide hours of listening time.
I charge my AirPods in their case for uninterrupted music playback.


EarPods have a built-in remote and mic.
I adjust the volume using the remote on my EarPods.


AirPods are Apple's wireless Bluetooth earbuds.
I switched to AirPods for a cordless audio experience.


EarPods are simple and user-friendly earphones.
I prefer EarPods for their simplicity and reliability.


AirPods offer smart features such as touch controls and Siri access.
I can activate Siri simply by tapping on my AirPods.

Common Curiosities

Can EarPods control music playback?

Yes, with their inline remote.

Are AirPods water-resistant?

AirPods Pro are water-resistant, but standard AirPods have limited water resistance.

What are EarPods?

Wired earphones from Apple.

How do EarPods connect to devices?

Via a 3.5mm jack or Lightning connector.

Do EarPods have a microphone?

Yes, they include a built-in mic.

Do EarPods need charging?

No, they are powered through their connection.

Do AirPods come with a charging case?

Yes, they have a rechargeable case.

Do AirPods have noise cancellation?

AirPods Pro have active noise cancellation, but standard AirPods do not.

How do you control AirPods?

Through touch controls and voice commands (Siri).

What are AirPods?

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Apple.

Can AirPods connect to non-Apple devices?

Yes, they can connect via Bluetooth to various devices.

Can you use Siri with EarPods?

Yes, using the inline remote.

Are EarPods compatible with all iPhones?

Only with those having a headphone jack or Lightning port.

Which is more affordable, EarPods or AirPods?

EarPods are more affordable than AirPods.

Do AirPods automatically pause music?

Yes, when removed from the ear.

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