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DVD-R vs. CD-R — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on November 22, 2023
DVD-R is a digital optical disc with greater storage than CD-R, which is used primarily for audio and smaller data files.
DVD-R vs. CD-R — What's the Difference?

Difference Between DVD-R and CD-R


Key Differences

DVD-R and CD-R are both types of optical discs used for data storage and playback, but they serve different primary purposes. While DVD-R is primarily designed for video storage and playback, CD-R has traditionally been used for audio tracks and smaller data files.
In terms of storage capacity, DVD-R holds a significant advantage. A standard DVD-R typically offers about 4.7 GB of storage, which can hold about two hours of standard video. On the other hand, a CD-R offers around 700 MB of storage, suitable for around 80 minutes of audio content.
The technology behind DVD-R and CD-R is also different. DVD-R uses a red laser with a shorter wavelength, allowing it to store more data in the same physical space compared to CD-R. CD-R uses a longer wavelength laser, suitable for its lesser storage needs.
Playback compatibility varies between DVD-R and CD-R. Many DVD players can play DVD-R discs, but not all CD players can read CD-R discs, especially older models. Conversely, DVD players typically have no issue playing CD-R discs.
Both DVD-R and CD-R are "write-once" formats, meaning data can be burned onto them once, but cannot be erased or overwritten. However, there are variants like DVD-RW or CD-RW that allow for multiple write and erase cycles.

Comparison Chart

Primary Use

Video storage and playback
Audio and small data files

Storage Capacity

Approximately 4.7 GB
Approximately 700 MB

Laser Type

Red laser with a shorter wavelength
Laser with a longer wavelength

Playback Compatibility

Compatible with most DVD players
Not all CD players can read CD-R


Write-once, but has a rewritable variant (DVD-RW)
Write-once, but has a rewritable variant (CD-RW)

Compare with Definitions


A digital optical disc storage format for video.
She burned the family vacation footage onto a DVD-R.


A blank compact disc allowing users to store audio or data.
I burned my favorite playlist onto a CD-R.


An optical disc that uses a shorter wavelength red laser.
The DVD-R uses advanced laser technology for higher storage.


A storage medium often used for audio playback in CD players.
I made a mixtape for my friend on a CD-R.


A medium designed primarily for video content but can store other data.
He stored both software and a movie on the DVD-R.


A disc format using a longer wavelength laser for data recording.
This CD-R will work best with my older computer's burner.


A write-once storage medium with a capacity of about 4.7 GB.
I need a DVD-R to back up my large video project.


Suitable for music, photos, or small software applications.
My project files easily fit on this CD-R.


A disc format compatible with most standard DVD players.
The movie on this DVD-R plays flawlessly on my player.


A write-once optical disc with a storage capacity of around 700 MB.
The CD-R can hold about 80 minutes of audio content.


A recordable compact disk; a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only.


A compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

Common Curiosities

What's the main difference between DVD-R and CD-R?

DVD-R primarily stores video and has greater capacity, while CD-R is used for audio and smaller data files.

Can I store photos on a DVD-R?

Yes, you can store photos, videos, or other data on a DVD-R.

Which has more storage: DVD-R or CD-R?

DVD-R, with around 4.7 GB, compared to CD-R's 700 MB.

Why does DVD-R have more storage than CD-R?

DVD-R uses a red laser with a shorter wavelength, allowing more data storage in the same space.

Are there other DVD formats besides DVD-R?

Yes, there's DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and more, each with unique features.

Can I overwrite data on a DVD-R or CD-R?

No, both are write-once formats, but DVD-RW and CD-RW variants allow rewriting.

Can all CD players play CD-R discs?

Not all, especially older models. It's best to check compatibility.

Can I play a CD-R on a DVD player?

Most DVD players can play CD-R discs without issues.

Is CD-R suitable for backing up my entire computer?

Due to its limited storage, CD-R might not be ideal for complete backups.

Is audio quality better on CD-R compared to MP3s?

CD-R audio quality can be superior to compressed MP3s, depending on the recording settings.

How many movies can I store on a DVD-R?

Typically, one standard-definition movie. High-definition movies require more space.

Can I create a video DVD using a CD-R?

No, due to storage constraints. Use a DVD-R for video DVDs.

Do DVD-R and CD-R need special software to burn data?

Yes, burning software is required, but many computers come with pre-installed programs.

Are DVD-R and CD-R prone to scratches?

Yes, both can be scratched. It's advisable to handle them with care and store them in protective cases.

How long does data last on a CD-R?

If stored properly, data on a CD-R can last decades, but longevity varies.

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