Downsizing vs. Layoff

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  • Downsizing (verb)

    present participle of downsize

  • Downsizing (noun)

    An act in which a company downsizes or is downsized

    "He lost his job in the last downsizing."

  • Downsizing (noun)


  • Downsizing (noun)

    Reducing engine's capacity at same power or increasing engine's power without increasing capacity

    "Downsizing is one of the leading trends in automotive engine design."

  • Layoff (noun)

    A dismissal of employees from their jobs because of tightened budgetary constraints or work shortage (not due to poor performance or misconduct).

  • Layoff (noun)

    A period of time when someone is unavailable for work.

  • Layoff (noun)

    A short pass that has been rolled in front of another player for them to kick.

Webster Dictionary
  • Downsizing (noun)

    the reduction of expenditures in order to become financial stable

  • Layoff (noun)

    the act of laying off an employee or a work force

Princeton's WordNet

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