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Dab vs. Dap — What's the Difference?

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Dab involves lightly touching or applying something, often a liquid, while dap refers to dipping bait lightly on the water's surface in fishing or to a fist bump greeting.
Dab vs. Dap — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Dab and Dap


Key Differences

Dab is a versatile term used across various contexts, from applying a small amount of substance, such as cream or paint, with gentle touches, to a popular dance move. Dap holds specific meanings depending on the context. In fishing, it describes a technique where bait is lightly touched to the water's surface to attract fish, mimicking the movement of prey.
Dab signifies a light, often careful action, aiming for minimal application or contact. Socially, dap known as a friendly, informal gesture akin to a fist bump, symbolizing acknowledgment or agreement.
Both actions imply a light touch, the contexts and intentions behind a dab and a dap significantly differ. Dabbing is about application or a gesture, focusing on the physical contact made by an object or body part with a surface. Dapping, whether in fishing or as a greeting, involves a deliberate, often strategic, action to achieve a particular response, be it from fish or a person.
The distinction also extends to the cultural relevance of each term. Dabbing has seen widespread use and recognition beyond its initial contexts, becoming a part of popular culture, especially among younger demographics. Dapping, especially as a greeting, signifies a specific cultural acknowledgment that carries its own social implications and recognitions.

Comparison Chart


To touch lightly with a soft substance; a popular dance move.
To dip bait lightly on water's surface; a fist bump greeting.


Beauty, art, medical, dance.
Fishing, social interactions.


Light pressing or touching.
Light dipping or a fist bump.

Cultural Relevance

Broad, especially in youth culture and internet memes.
Specific to fishing technique or informal social greeting.


Can symbolize style, flair, or precision in application.
Symbolizes camaraderie, strategy in fishing, or informal agreement.

Compare with Definitions


Applying a substance lightly.
She used a tissue to dab at her tears.


Fishing technique.
He used the dap method to lure the fish closer.


Touching lightly.
Dab the wound with antiseptic to clean it.


Fist bump.
They gave each other a dap as a sign of respect.


Dance move.
He celebrated by doing a dab in front of his friends.


Informal greeting.
Greeting his friend with a dap, they started their conversation.


Pressing gently.
Dab the brush into the paint before applying.


To drop the bait gently on the surface of the water.
To catch a club by dapping with a grasshoper.


A small quantity of something moist or soft;
A dab of paint
A splatter of mud


Lightly touching water with bait.
Dap the surface to mimic a bug landing.


A small amount.
Add a dab of glue to the center.


Strategy in fishing.
Mastering the dap can significantly improve your catch rate.


To rub or pat (something) lightly
Dabbed his eye with the corner of his sleeve.


Fish by letting the fly (but not the line) bob lightly on the water
He was dapping the fly skilfully
Dapping was almost a sure-fire method


To press (something) lightly against an object or surface
Dabbed a napkin to her lips.


A fishing fly used when dapping
Most of the fish are being taken on the dap


To remove or brush away with light strokes
Dabbed the tears from the child's eyes.


To strike or touch gently, as with a soft or moist substance; to tap; hence, to besmear with a dabber.
A sore should . . . be wiped . . . only by dabbing it over with fine lint.


A light touch or stroke


Apply (usually a liquid) to a surface;
Dab the wall with paint

Common Curiosities

Can "dap" and "dab" be used interchangeably?

No, they cannot be used interchangeably due to their distinct meanings and contexts.

What does it mean to dab something?

Dabbing means to touch or apply something lightly, often with a soft material.

How does one perform a dab dance move?

To perform a dab, one drops the head into the bent crook of a slanted, upward arm, while the other arm stretches out straight diagonally, often accompanied by a slight jump or stance change.

Is a dap specific to any culture or community?

Yes, the dap has roots in African American communities, where it originated as a gesture of solidarity and has since become widespread across various cultures.

Is there a right way to dab when applying makeup?

Yes, when applying makeup, dabbing typically involves gently pressing or tapping the product onto the skin to blend or build coverage without wiping or smearing.

What is the significance of a dap in social contexts?

In social contexts, a dap is a form of informal greeting, often symbolizing camaraderie or respect, similar to a handshake or fist bump.

How did dabbing become a popular dance move?

Dabbing became popular through its viral spread in music, sports celebrations, and social media, becoming a recognizable gesture among youth culture.

What is the purpose of dapping in fishing?

The purpose of dapping in fishing is to mimic the natural movement of insects on the water's surface, attracting fish to the bait.

Are there any tools required for dapping in fishing?

Dapping in fishing can be done with a regular fishing rod and line, but the technique focuses more on the movement and presentation of the bait rather than specific equipment.

Has the popularity of dabbing changed over time?

Yes, like many cultural trends, the popularity of dabbing has seen fluctuations, with peak popularity in the mid-2010s, though it remains a recognizable gesture.

Do any professional guides teach the technique of dapping in fishing?

Yes, many professional fishing guides and instructional materials cover dapping as an effective technique for certain types of fly fishing.

What does giving someone a dap indicate?

Giving someone a dap usually indicates a gesture of friendship, agreement, or mutual respect within informal settings.

Can the term "dap" be found in formal English dictionaries?

Yes, "dap" is recognized in many English dictionaries, though definitions may vary slightly depending on the context (fishing vs. social greeting).

Has the dance move dabbing appeared in any official dance competitions?

While dabbing has been featured in various performances and social media challenges, its presence in formal dance competitions is more as a popular culture reference than as a competitive dance move.

Are there any health risks associated with doing the dab dance move?

Performing the dab dance move is generally safe, though, like with any physical activity, executing it with excessive force or in a cramped space could potentially lead to minor injuries.

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