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Cubic Feet vs. Square Feet — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on November 13, 2023
Cubic Feet measures volume in three dimensions, while Square Feet measures area in two dimensions.
Cubic Feet vs. Square Feet — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Cubic Feet and Square Feet


Key Differences

Cubic Feet is a unit of measurement that quantifies volume or capacity in three-dimensional space. In contrast, Square Feet is a unit of measurement that signifies area in two-dimensional space.
While Cubic Feet captures the breadth, length, and height of a space, Square Feet only represents its length and breadth. Thus, when measuring a room's floor space, one would use Square Feet, but to gauge its total volume, Cubic Feet would be the unit to consider.
The applications of these measurements differ, with Cubic Feet often used for storage or shipping capacities, and Square Feet for floor plans or land plots. Both measurements provide essential data, with Cubic Feet indicating how much a space can hold and Square Feet detailing the extent of a flat surface.
It's crucial to differentiate between these two as they serve different purposes. For example, if you're buying tiles for flooring, you'd need to know the Square Feet. But if you're purchasing a refrigerator, you might want to know its capacity in Cubic Feet.
Ultimately, while both Cubic Feet and Square Feet are vital measurements in construction, real estate, and various industries, understanding their distinction ensures accurate space and capacity evaluations.

Comparison Chart


Three-dimensional (length x breadth x height).
Two-dimensional (length x breadth).


Volume or capacity.

Example Applications

Storage capacity, shipping containers, refrigerator volume.
Floor space, land plots, wall sizes.



Relational Concept

How much a space can hold.
How much space a surface covers.

Compare with Definitions

Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet captures breadth, length, and height.
The room's dimensions yield a total of 600 Cubic Feet.

Square Feet

Square Feet is a measure of area in two-dimensional space.
The room covers 200 Square Feet.

Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet represents spatial volume.
The aquarium holds 50 Cubic Feet of water.

Square Feet

Square Feet is used to express the size of flat surfaces.
The mural will cover 300 Square Feet of the wall.

Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet is used to express the capacity of containers.
The truck's cargo hold is 500 Cubic Feet.

Square Feet

Square Feet signifies surface area.
The solar panels will cover 150 Square Feet of the rooftop.

Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet indicates how much space an object occupies.
The sculpture occupies about 15 Cubic Feet.

Square Feet

Square Feet captures length and breadth.
The garden is 1000 Square Feet in size.

Cubic Feet

Cubic Feet is a measure of volume in three-dimensional space.
The storage box has a capacity of 10 Cubic Feet.

Square Feet

Square Feet denotes the extent of a flat expanse.
The house has a total living space of 2500 Square Feet.

Common Curiosities

When should I use Cubic Feet?

When measuring volume or capacity, like the space inside a box or room.

What is Cubic Feet?

Cubic Feet is a unit that measures volume in three-dimensional space.

Do both Cubic Feet and Square Feet use the same symbol?

No, Cubic Feet uses ft³ and Square Feet uses ft².

How does Cubic Feet differ from Square Feet?

While Cubic Feet measures volume, Square Feet measures area in two dimensions.

Can I convert Square Feet into Cubic Feet?

Yes, if you have the height. Multiply the Square Feet by the height (in feet) to get Cubic Feet.

Why is Square Feet used in real estate listings?

It provides an idea of the size or area of the property, helping buyers gauge space.

Can I use Cubic Feet to measure land size?

Typically no, land size is measured in Square Feet or acres.

How do I calculate Cubic Feet?

Multiply the length, breadth, and height of an object or space (all in feet).

What's the significance of Square Feet in construction?

It indicates the size of floors, walls, or plots, aiding in material estimates.

How does adding height change Square Feet to Cubic Feet?

Adding height introduces a third dimension, converting area to volume.

When buying paint for walls, should I consider Square Feet or Cubic Feet?

Square Feet, as you're covering a surface area.

Why might a refrigerator's size be given in Cubic Feet?

To indicate its storage capacity.

Which measurement tells me how much a container can hold?

Cubic Feet.

How many Square Feet are there in a 10x10 room?

100 Square Feet.

Can a room's Square Feet and Cubic Feet be the same?

Only if the room's height is exactly one foot.

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