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Cream Cheese vs. Cream Cheeses Spread — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on November 21, 2023
Cream Cheese is a thick dairy product, while Cream Cheeses Spread is a smoother, spreadable version often containing additional ingredients.
Cream Cheese vs. Cream Cheeses Spread — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Cream Cheese and Cream Cheeses Spread


Key Differences

Cream Cheese and Cream Cheeses Spread both originate from milk and cream. Cream Cheese is known for its thick, dense texture and is often used as a base in desserts, dips, and pastries. On the other hand, Cream Cheeses Spread is a variant that's modified to be more spreadable, making it ideal for toast or bagels.
Cream Cheese is traditionally made by coagulating cream with lactic acid, resulting in a product that's rich and full of dairy flavor. Cream Cheeses Spread, while still based on cream cheese, often incorporates other ingredients such as whey, stabilizers, or emulsifiers to achieve its smoother texture.
When it comes to culinary applications, Cream Cheese is a favorite for dishes requiring a dense and creamy consistency like cheesecakes. Cream Cheeses Spread, due to its softer nature, is predominantly slathered on bread, muffins, or used as a dip.
Nutritionally, Cream Cheese can be higher in fat due to its pure dairy composition. Cream Cheeses Spread, because of its additional ingredients, might have variations in its nutritional profile depending on the brand or type.
Both Cream Cheese and Cream Cheeses Spread are enjoyed worldwide. While Cream Cheese boasts of a purer dairy taste, Cream Cheeses Spread offers convenience and versatility especially for on-the-go breakfasts or snacks.

Comparison Chart


Thick and dense
Smoother and more spreadable


Primarily cream and milk, with lactic acid as a coagulant
Cream cheese base with added whey, stabilizers, emulsifiers

Culinary Use

Cheesecakes, desserts, dips
Toast, bagels, dips

Nutritional Profile

Generally higher in fat
Varies based on additional ingredients


Rich dairy flavor
Dairy with potential variation due to additives

Compare with Definitions

Cream Cheese

A versatile ingredient popular in both savory and sweet dishes.
I mixed cream cheese with herbs for a delightful dip.

Cream Cheeses Spread

A softer, smoother dairy spread ideal for breads and toasts.
Morning bagels taste better with cream cheeses spread.

Cream Cheese

A soft, white cheese made primarily from milk and cream.
I added a dollop of cream cheese to my bagel.

Cream Cheeses Spread

A spreadable version of cream cheese, often with added ingredients.
I love the garlic flavor in this cream cheeses spread.

Cream Cheese

A cheese that is whipped or beaten to achieve a creamy consistency.
The frosting is made with cream cheese and powdered sugar.

Cream Cheeses Spread

A variant of cream cheese modified for easier spreading.
This cream cheeses spread is infused with chives and onions.

Cream Cheese

A dense dairy product often used in baking and cooking.
The cheesecake's richness comes from the cream cheese.

Cream Cheeses Spread

Cream cheese combined with elements like whey or stabilizers.
The cream cheeses spread has a hint of jalapeno.

Cream Cheese

A smooth cheese that can be sweetened or flavored for diverse applications.
Strawberry cream cheese tastes heavenly on toast.

Cream Cheeses Spread

A popular choice for quick breakfasts and snacks.
For a quick snack, I spread some cream cheeses spread on crackers.

Common Curiosities

Which has more fat, Cream Cheese or Cream Cheeses Spread?

Generally, Cream Cheese has more fat, but Cream Cheeses Spread's content varies by brand.

What is the main ingredient in Cream Cheese?

The main ingredients are milk and cream.

Which is better for frosting, Cream Cheese or Cream Cheeses Spread?

Cream Cheese is typically preferred for its rich texture and flavor.

Can I use Cream Cheese in place of Cream Cheeses Spread?

Yes, but the texture and consistency might differ in the final dish.

Why is Cream Cheeses Spread smoother?

It often contains added whey, stabilizers, or emulsifiers.

Is Cream Cheeses Spread suitable for baking?

While possible, it's best to use Cream Cheese for a denser texture in baked goods.

How is Cream Cheeses Spread different from regular Cream Cheese?

Cream Cheeses Spread is more spreadable and may contain additional ingredients.

Is there a vegan version of Cream Cheese and Cream Cheeses Spread?

Yes, many brands offer dairy-free alternatives made from nuts or soy.

Why is Cream Cheeses Spread popular for breakfast?

Its spreadable nature makes it quick and convenient for toasts and bagels.

Are there flavored versions of Cream Cheeses Spread?

Yes, flavors range from fruits to herbs and spices.

How long can I store opened Cream Cheese or Cream Cheeses Spread in the fridge?

Typically, they last about 1-2 weeks once opened, but always check for signs of spoilage.

Can I make my own Cream Cheeses Spread using Cream Cheese?

Yes, by softening Cream Cheese and blending it with a bit of milk or cream.

Is Cream Cheese the same as cottage cheese?

No, they're different; Cream Cheese is smoother and richer than cottage cheese.

Can Cream Cheeses Spread be used in dips?

Absolutely! It's often used as a base for various flavored dips.

Can I freeze Cream Cheese or Cream Cheeses Spread?

While possible, freezing might alter their texture upon thawing.

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