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Cream Cheese vs. Cream Cheese Spread — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on October 28, 2023
Cream Cheese is a thick, rich dairy product, while Cream Cheese Spread is a softer, spreadable version, often containing additional ingredients for flavor and texture.
Cream Cheese vs. Cream Cheese Spread — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Spread


Key Differences

Cream Cheese, derived from milk, is a white, soft, and mild-tasting dairy product. In contrast, Cream Cheese Spread usually starts with Cream Cheese as its base but incorporates other components to enhance its spreadability and flavor.
Cream Cheese typically has a dense and smooth texture, ideal for recipes that require a stable and thick consistency. Cream Cheese Spread, on the other hand, has a lighter consistency, making it a favorite for spreading on bagels, toast, and crackers.
While Cream Cheese can be spread on various foods, its firm nature can sometimes make it less suited for immediate spreading straight from the refrigerator. Cream Cheese Spread, with its more fluid texture, offers immediate spreadability, even when cold.
Ingredients play a significant role in differentiating the two. Pure Cream Cheese usually contains cream and sometimes milk, with minimal additives. In contrast, Cream Cheese Spread may contain added flavors, stabilizers, and sometimes even herbs or fruits, diversifying its taste and application.

Comparison Chart


Dense and smooth
Softer and easily spreadable

Primary Ingredients

Cream (and sometimes milk)
Cream Cheese base with additional ingredients

Spreadability when Cold

Can be firm, less spreadable
Easily spreadable


Minimal additives
Often has stabilizers, flavors, herbs, or fruits

Main Use

Cooking, baking, some spreads
Spreading on bagels, toast, and crackers

Compare with Definitions

Cream Cheese

A soft, white dairy product.
I use Cream Cheese to make cheesecake.

Cream Cheese Spread

Easily spreadable, even when cold.
Cream Cheese Spread is convenient for quick sandwiches.

Cream Cheese

Contains minimal additives.
I prefer pure Cream Cheese without any added flavors.

Cream Cheese Spread

A softer version of Cream Cheese.
I love Cream Cheese Spread on my morning bagel.

Cream Cheese

Derived primarily from cream.
This dip's main ingredient is Cream Cheese.

Cream Cheese Spread

Ideal for quick snacks and appetizers.
Serve this Cream Cheese Spread with fresh vegetables for dipping.

Cream Cheese

Has a rich and dense texture.
Cream Cheese holds its shape well in desserts.

Cream Cheese Spread

Contains added ingredients for flavor.
This garlic Cream Cheese Spread is perfect for crackers.

Cream Cheese

Often used in baking and cooking.
Cream Cheese makes this pasta sauce creamy and delicious.

Cream Cheese Spread

Often infused with herbs or fruits.
Try this chive-infused Cream Cheese Spread.

Common Curiosities

What's the main difference between Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Spread?

Cream Cheese is dense and rich, while Cream Cheese Spread is softer and often contains added ingredients for flavor.

Which one is better for cheesecake: Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese Spread?

Cream Cheese is typically preferred for its dense and smooth texture.

Is Cream Cheese Spread just whipped Cream Cheese?

Not necessarily; while both are softer than regular Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese Spread often contains added flavors and ingredients.

Which one has more additives: Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese Spread?

Cream Cheese Spread typically contains more additives and flavorings than pure Cream Cheese.

Can I make my own Cream Cheese Spread from Cream Cheese?

Yes, by softening Cream Cheese and mixing in desired flavors and ingredients.

Do both Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Spread come from milk?

Yes, both are dairy products, but their composition and additional ingredients differ.

Can Cream Cheese be made spreadable like Cream Cheese Spread?

Yes, by letting it soften or by whipping it.

Do both products need refrigeration?

Yes, both Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Spread should be refrigerated.

Is there a flavor difference between the two?

Cream Cheese Spread often has added flavors, making it taste different from plain Cream Cheese.

Can I use Cream Cheese Spread in place of Cream Cheese in recipes?

It depends on the recipe; the added ingredients in Cream Cheese Spread may affect the final product's taste and texture.

Is Cream Cheese healthier than Cream Cheese Spread?

Cream Cheese typically has fewer additives, but it's essential to compare nutritional labels as ingredients can vary by brand.

Why is Cream Cheese Spread more spreadable?

It's designed to be softer and often contains ingredients that make it easily spreadable.

Which is more versatile in cooking?

While both can be used in various ways, Cream Cheese is often preferred in baking and recipes needing a denser texture.

Which is more popular for breakfast?

Cream Cheese Spread is commonly favored for breakfast due to its spreadability on items like bagels.

Are there vegan versions of Cream Cheese and Cream Cheese Spread?

Yes, there are vegan alternatives made from ingredients like cashews or tofu.

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