Clavichord vs. Harpsichord

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Main Difference

The main difference between Clavichord and Harpsichord is that the Clavichord is a musical instrument and Harpsichord is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard

  • Clavichord (noun)

    An early keyboard instrument producing a soft sound by means of metal blades (called tangents) attached to the inner ends of the keys gently striking the strings.


  • Harpsichord (noun)

    A musical instrument with a keyboard that produces sound through a mechanical process. When the performer presses a key, a corresponding plectrum plucks a tuned string. The harpsichord originated in late medieval Europe and is one of the most important instruments used to perform Baroque music.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Clavichord (noun)

    A keyed stringed instrument, now superseded by the pianoforte. See Clarichord.

  • Harpsichord (noun)

    A harp-shaped instrument of music set horizontally on legs, like the grand piano, with strings of wire, played by the fingers, by means of keys provided with quills, instead of hammers, for striking the strings. It is now superseded by the piano.

Webster Dictionary
  • Clavichord (noun)

    an early stringed instrument like a piano but with more delicate sound

  • Harpsichord (noun)

    a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

Princeton's WordNet

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