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Chick vs. Chicklet — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on October 7, 2023
Chick refers to a young chicken. Chicklet, on the other hand, is a brand of chewing gum or a diminutive term for a small chick.
Chick vs. Chicklet — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Chick and Chicklet


Key Differences

Chick is primarily a term used to refer to a young chicken, while Chicklet can indicate a brand of chewing gum. These terms, although similar sounding, have distinct references in everyday language.
When talking about birds, Chick is synonymous with the baby birds, especially of the poultry kind. Chicklet, in a similar context, could be a playful or endearing term to describe a very small chick or a baby bird.
In popular culture, Chick might also be used colloquially to refer to a young woman, although this usage can be seen as dated or even derogatory. On the contrary, Chicklet doesn't hold such a connotation.
Chicklets, apart from the brand reference, are also associated with small, squarish items, owing to the shape of the gum. The word Chick, in contrast, doesn't have such associations with shape or form.
Both Chick and Chicklet have evolved in usage over time. Chick, with its roots in animal husbandry, and Chicklet, with both brand and colloquial applications, offer an insight into how language adapts and grows.

Comparison Chart

Primary Meaning

Young chicken
Brand of chewing gum

Secondary Meaning

Slang for a young woman
Diminutive term for a small chick

Associated Context

Birds, slang
Brand, playful context

Shape/Form Connection

No specific shape association
Small, squarish items

Common Usage

Animal husbandry, colloquial language
Brand reference, colloquial language

Compare with Definitions


Informal term for a person (gender-neutral).
He's a cool chick.


A brand of chewing gum.
I bought a pack of Chicklet gum.


A young bird, especially one newly hatched
The cattle egrets hatched and reared two chicks
Cuckoo chicks


A diminutive term for a small chick.
Look at that cute little chicklet.


A young woman
She's a great-looking chick


A term for a small object resembling the shape of the gum.
She wears a chicklet sized pendant.


(in South Asia) a folding bamboo screen for a doorway.


An affectionate term for a tiny thing.
That puppy is such a chicklet!


A young chicken.


A term for small, square-shaped items.
The keys on the keyboard look like chicklets.


One of the young of any bird.


Chicklet is a Canadian musical group consisting of Julie Park (vocals, guitar) and Daniel Barida (guitar, vocals, synth). Sean Bettam (bass) was part of the group from 1997 to 1999 and toured the US to support their first album Wanderlust.


A child.


A young bird; a small chick.


Often Offensive A girl or young woman.


Slang. A young woman.


A young bird.


A small or young chick.


A young chicken.


(informal) A young woman.


A young child.


A young, typically attractive, woman or teenage girl.
They're going to have a chick weekend. No guys allowed.
He'll fall for any chick with a nice smile.


A friendly fighter aircraft.


A screen or blind made of finely slit bamboo and twine, hung in doorways or windows.


(obsolete) To sprout, as seed does in the ground; to vegetate.


To compress the lips and then separate them quickly, resulting in a percussive noise.


To sprout, as seed in the ground; to vegetate.


A chicken.


A child or young person; - a term of endearment.


A young woman; - often considered offensive.


Young bird especially of domestic fowl


Informal terms for a (young) woman


A bird's offspring.
The robin feeds its chick worms.


Colloquial term for a young woman.
That chick over there is my cousin.


A term of endearment.
Hey chick, how have you been?

Common Curiosities

Can Chick refer to humans?

Yes, Chick can colloquially refer to a young woman.

Is it offensive to call someone a Chick?

It can be, as it's sometimes seen as dated or derogatory slang for a young woman.

Is Chicklet a type of bird?

No, Chicklet is a brand of chewing gum or a term for a small chick.

Does Chicklet have a connection to shape?

Yes, Chicklet is often associated with small, square-shaped items.

Can Chicklet refer to objects other than gum?

Yes, it can refer to anything resembling the small, square shape of the gum.

Are there other brands similar to Chicklet?

Chicklet is a distinctive brand, but there are other chewing gum brands available.

What's the primary meaning of Chick?

Chick primarily refers to a young chicken.

Is Chicklet a commonly used term for small chicks?

It's more of a playful or endearing term, not a formal one.

Can I use Chick in a gender-neutral context?

While traditionally used for women, some use Chick in a gender-neutral manner, but it's best to be cautious.

What does Chicklet gum look like?

Chicklet gum is small and square-shaped.

Is Chick always related to birds?

Primarily, but it can also be slang for a person.

Can Chicklet be used as an affectionate term?

Yes, like calling a small puppy a chicklet.

Does Chick have other synonyms?

Yes, in the bird context, synonyms include fledgling or nestling.

How old is the term Chick in language?

Chick has its roots in Middle English, originally denoting a child or young person.

Is Chick related to chicken in language?

Yes, Chick is a shorter form of chicken, referring to the young ones.

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