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Bermudian vs. Bermudan — What's the Difference?

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Updated on March 29, 2024
Bermudian refers to someone from Bermuda or relates to Bermuda, focusing on cultural or national identity. Bermudan is less commonly used but also denotes association with Bermuda, often in a more general sense.
Bermudian vs. Bermudan — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Bermudian and Bermudan


Key Differences

Bermudian is primarily used to describe the people of Bermuda and aspects of their unique cultural identity, emphasizing a connection to the island's traditions and lifestyle. On the other hand, Bermudan, while also referring to people and things from Bermuda, is less commonly used and may be seen more in general or informal contexts.
When discussing nationality or citizenship, "Bermudian" is the term typically preferred and officially recognized. Whereas "Bermudan" might be encountered in less formal discussions or writings, its usage can vary and is not as widely accepted for official purposes.
In terms of language and expression, Bermudian English incorporates distinct idioms and slang, reflecting the island's cultural heritage. On the other hand, the term "Bermudan" does not specifically denote any linguistic differences and is used more generically.
Culturally, the term Bermudian captures the essence of Bermuda's unique traditions, cuisine, and way of life, distinguishing the inhabitants' shared experiences and heritage. Whereas Bermudan, though referring to the same region, might not carry the same depth of cultural connotation.
Regarding international recognition and usage, "Bermudian" is the more widely recognized and preferred term in diplomatic, cultural, and social contexts, highlighting the identity of Bermuda and its people. Bermudan, while understood, is less prevalent in official or international settings.

Comparison Chart


Preferred for people, culture, and nationality.
Less commonly used, more generic.


Strong cultural and national identity.
Generic association with Bermuda.

Official Status

Officially recognized for nationality and citizenship.
Rarely used in formal or official contexts.

Cultural Depth

Reflects unique traditions and lifestyle.
Lacks specific cultural connotation.

Linguistic Tie

Associated with Bermudian English.
No specific linguistic association.

Compare with Definitions


Pertaining to Bermuda or its inhabitants.
The Bermudian government has implemented new policies.


A less common term for something or someone from Bermuda.
The Bermudan artist showcased his work.


Reflecting the culture or traditions of Bermuda.
Bermudian cuisine is known for its seafood.


Occasionally used in general references to Bermuda.
Bermudan weather is typically subtropical.


A citizen of Bermuda.
She is a Bermudian by birth.


Might be seen in informal writings or speech.
He mentioned his Bermudan friend.


Related to the natural environment of Bermuda.
Bermudian beaches are renowned for their pink sand.


Sometimes used to describe aspects not specific to culture or identity.
Bermudan policies have evolved.


Used in the context of Bermuda's official matters.
Bermudian laws are unique to the island.


Found in varied contexts without a strong preference.
Bermudan scenery includes beautiful reefs.


A native or inhabitant of Bermuda.


Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Bermuda; as, Bermudan beaches.


A native or inhabitant of Bermuda


Of or pertaining to Bermudans; as, The Bermudan hotel staff.


A native or inhabitant of Bermuda.


A native or inhabitant of Bermuda


Of or relating to or characteristic of Bermuda or its inhabitants;
Bermudan beaches

Common Curiosities

Is Bermudian the same as Bermudan?

While both refer to Bermuda, Bermudian is preferred and has cultural connotations, whereas Bermudan is more generic.

How do Bermudians identify themselves?

People from Bermuda typically identify themselves as Bermudian, highlighting their national and cultural identity.

What does Bermudan mean?

Bermudan is an alternative, less common term for something or someone from Bermuda.

Are Bermudian and Bermudan interchangeable in everyday language?

While they can be used interchangeably, "Bermudian" is more accurate and preferred, especially among locals.

What is a Bermudian?

A Bermudian is someone from Bermuda, often referring to their nationality or cultural identity.

Can "Bermudan" be used in official documents?

"Bermudian" is the term officially recognized and preferred in formal contexts.

Do Bermudian laws differ significantly from other jurisdictions?

Yes, Bermudian laws are unique to the island, influenced by British law but adapted to local needs.

How is Bermudian nationality determined?

Bermudian nationality is typically determined by birth, descent, or naturalization, under the laws of Bermuda.

Can someone born outside Bermuda be considered Bermudian?

Yes, through descent or naturalization, individuals born outside Bermuda can be considered Bermudian.

What makes Bermudian culture unique?

Bermudian culture is known for its unique traditions, cuisine, and lifestyle, deeply rooted in the island's history.

Is Bermudan English different from other English varieties?

The term "Bermudan" itself does not denote a linguistic variation; however, Bermudian English has unique features.

How does the international community view Bermudian and Bermudan?

Internationally, "Bermudian" is the recognized term, especially in diplomatic and cultural exchanges.

What role does the natural environment play in Bermudian identity?

The unique natural environment, including pink sand beaches and coral reefs, is central to Bermudian identity and lifestyle.

What are common traits of Bermudian cuisine?

Bermudian cuisine features seafood prominently, reflecting the island's maritime heritage.

What is the significance of Bermudian traditions?

Bermudian traditions reflect the island's history and cultural diversity, playing a crucial role in its identity.

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