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Beats Solo 2 vs. Beats Solo 3 — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on December 3, 2023
Beats Solo 2 are wired on-ear headphones, while Beats Solo 3 are wireless with a longer battery life and Apple's W1 chip.
Beats Solo 2 vs. Beats Solo 3 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 3


Key Differences

Beats Solo 2, released by the Beats by Dr. Dre brand, offers a wired listening experience. These headphones were renowned for their enhanced sound clarity and deep bass, providing listeners with a premium auditory experience.
Beats Solo 3, on the other hand, is a progression from its predecessor, bringing in wireless technology and integrating Apple's W1 chip, which facilitates seamless pairing with Apple devices and offers improved battery efficiency.
In terms of battery life, Beats Solo 2 relies on its wired connection and thus doesn't require a battery for basic listening. Beats Solo 3, with its wireless nature, boasts an impressive battery life that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.
The design aesthetics between Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 3 are somewhat similar, with both models prioritizing comfort. However, Beats Solo 3 might come across as slightly refined in design, benefiting from feedback received on the Solo 2.
Functionality-wise, Beats Solo 3 offers more convenience, especially for Apple users. The inclusion of the W1 chip not only ensures a quick connection to Apple devices but also maintains a stable wireless connection, making the listening experience more enjoyable.

Comparison Chart


Wireless with Bluetooth.

Battery Life

Not required for listening.
Up to 40 hours.

Integrated Chip

Standard headphone drivers.
Apple's W1 chip for easy pairing and efficiency.

Release Date

Earlier than Solo 3.
Followed Solo 2.


Universal with 3.5mm jack.
Optimized for Apple devices, but universal.

Compare with Definitions

Beats Solo 2

On-ear headphones known for sound clarity.
My Beats Solo 2 headphones provide excellent sound isolation.

Beats Solo 3

Offers up to 40 hours of listening time.
I only charge my Beats Solo 3 once a week with my daily usage.

Beats Solo 2

Headphones with a comfortable design.
I can wear my Beats Solo 2 for hours without discomfort.

Beats Solo 3

Contains Apple's W1 chip for efficient pairing.
Connecting my Beats Solo 3 to my iPhone was instantaneous.

Beats Solo 2

Part of the Beats lineup released before Solo 3.
Before the release of the wireless version, I was using Beats Solo 2.

Beats Solo 3

The successor to the Beats Solo 2 model.
After trying the Beats Solo 3, I found them to be an upgrade from Solo 2.

Beats Solo 2

Requires a device with a headphone jack.
My phone still has a headphone jack, so the Beats Solo 2 is perfect for me.

Beats Solo 3

Designed for optimal comfort and premium sound.
The sound quality on my Beats Solo 3 is impressive, especially the bass response.

Beats Solo 2

A wired headphone model from Beats by Dr. Dre.
I bought the Beats Solo 2 because I prefer the reliability of a wired connection.

Beats Solo 3

Wireless headphones from Beats with a long battery life.
I traveled cross-country, and my Beats Solo 3 lasted the entire trip.

Common Curiosities

Do I need batteries for Beats Solo 2?

No, the Beats Solo 2 is wired and doesn't require batteries for basic listening.

How do I charge Beats Solo 3?

Beats Solo 3 can be charged using a USB cable.

What's the main difference between Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 3?

Beats Solo 2 is wired, while Beats Solo 3 is wireless with an integrated Apple W1 chip.

Do both headphones come with noise-cancellation?

Neither Beats Solo 2 nor Beats Solo 3 offer active noise cancellation.

Do both models have a microphone for calls?

Yes, both Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 3 have integrated microphones for calls.

Which model is more expensive?

Generally, Beats Solo 3 is priced higher due to its advanced features.

Which headphone has a longer battery life?

Beats Solo 3 boasts up to 40 hours of battery life.

Can I connect Beats Solo 3 to non-Apple devices?

Yes, while optimized for Apple, Beats Solo 3 can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Are there color variations for both models?

Yes, both Beats Solo 2 and Beats Solo 3 come in various colors.

Is the sound quality different between the two models?

While subjective, many find the sound quality between the two to be comparable, though some may notice refinements in Solo 3.

Are replacement parts available for both models?

Yes, parts like ear cushions are available for both Beats Solo 2 and Solo 3.

Can I use Beats Solo 2 for sports or workouts?

While possible, they're not specifically designed for sports and may not be sweat-resistant.

Is the Apple W1 chip in Beats Solo 3 beneficial?

Yes, it provides seamless pairing with Apple devices and battery efficiency.

Do I need a headphone jack for Beats Solo 3?

No, Beats Solo 3 connects wirelessly.

How do I pair my Beats Solo 3 with my device?

Turn on your Beats Solo 3, hold the power button for pairing mode, and connect via your device's Bluetooth settings.

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