Apogee vs. Apoapsis

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  • Apogee (noun)

    The point, in an orbit about the Earth, that is furthest from the Earth: the apoapsis of an Earth orbiter.

  • Apogee (noun)

    The point, in an orbit about any planet, that is farthest from the planet: the apoapsis of any satellite.

  • Apogee (noun)

    The point, in any trajectory of an object in space, where it is furthest from the Earth.

  • Apogee (noun)

    The highest point.

  • Apoapsis (noun)

    The elliptical orbit about the system's centre of mass where the distance between the body and the centre of mass is at its maximum.

Webster Dictionary
  • Apogee (noun)

    a final climactic stage;

    "their achievements stand as a culmination of centuries of development"

  • Apogee (noun)

    apoapsis in Earth orbit; the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth

  • Apoapsis (noun)

    (astronomy) the point in an orbit farthest from the body being orbited

Princeton's WordNet

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