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AKC vs. CKC — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 24, 2024
AKC (American Kennel Club) is a U.S.-based registry of purebred dog pedigrees. CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) serves a similar purpose in Canada, also focusing on purebred dog pedigrees.
AKC vs. CKC — What's the Difference?

Difference Between AKC and CKC


Key Differences

AKC, or the American Kennel Club, is a prominent and respected purebred dog registry in the United States. It maintains a breed standard, registers purebred dogs, and organizes dog shows and competitions. CKC, the Canadian Kennel Club, serves a similar role in Canada, overseeing dog registrations and setting breed standards, but it operates under different governance and rules specific to Canada. Both organizations are dedicated to the welfare and improvement of purebred dogs.
AKC is known for its strict registration process, which includes ensuring that both parents of a dog are AKC-registered. CKC also has rigorous registration standards but sometimes differs in its recognition of certain breeds or breed variants. While both AKC and CKC emphasize the importance of maintaining purebred dog records, they may have different criteria for breed recognition and registration.
AKC offers various programs and events for dog owners, including obedience and agility competitions. In comparison, CKC also provides a range of activities but may have different categories or rules for events. Both clubs are instrumental in promoting canine sports and responsible dog ownership, yet they cater to their respective countries' dog enthusiasts.
AKC has a significant influence on breed standards in the United States and is often considered a benchmark for purebred dog quality. Conversely, CKC plays a similar role in Canada, influencing breed standards and practices in the Canadian dog breeding community. Both organizations hold a position of authority in their respective countries regarding purebred dogs.
AKC provides educational resources and supports canine health research. Similarly, CKC also engages in education and health initiatives but may focus on issues more specific to the Canadian context. Both AKC and CKC contribute to the broader knowledge and health of purebred dogs through their respective initiatives.

Comparison Chart

Geographical Focus

United States

Breed Recognition

Specific breeds and standards recognized
May differ in certain breed recognitions

Registration Process

Strict parentage registration requirements
Similar, with some differences in standards

Events and Competitions

Organizes various dog shows and activities
Offers similar events, with some variations

Influence and Authority

Influential in U.S. dog breeding standards
Similar authority in Canada

Compare with Definitions


Registry: AKC is a leading dog breed registry in the U.S.
Our Labrador is registered with the AKC.


Education Provider: CKC provides information on dog breeds and ownership.
CKC offers great resources for first-time dog owners.


Education Provider: AKC offers resources on dog breeds and care.
I learned about dog training from AKC materials.


Health Advocate: CKC is involved in promoting canine health.
CKC's health programs are beneficial for dog breeders.


Events Organizer: AKC organizes dog shows and competitions.
We participated in an AKC obedience trial.


Authority: CKC sets breed standards in Canada.
Canadian breeders often follow CKC standards.


Authority: AKC sets breed standards in the United States.
The AKC breed standards are widely respected.


Events Organizer: CKC hosts dog shows and competitions in Canada.
We're attending a CKC conformation show.


Research Supporter: AKC supports canine health research.
The AKC has funded important health studies for dogs.


Registry: CKC is Canada's primary registry for purebred dogs.
Our Beagle is CKC registered.

Common Curiosities

What is CKC?

The Canadian Kennel Club is a similar organization in Canada for purebred dogs.

What is AKC?

The American Kennel Club is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the U.S.

Are AKC and CKC breed standards the same?

While similar, there can be differences in breed standards between AKC and CKC.

Can an AKC registered dog be registered with CKC?

Yes, but it usually requires adherence to CKC's registration rules and processes.

Do AKC and CKC organize dog shows?

Both organizations host dog shows and canine sporting events.

How does CKC contribute to canine health?

CKC supports health research and provides educational resources about dog health.

Is AKC recognized internationally?

AKC is well-known in the U.S. and recognized by international canine organizations.

Are AKC registrations accepted in Canada?

AKC registrations are recognized, but CKC registration may be required for Canadian events.

Are AKC and CKC only for show dogs?

While they are known for dog shows, they serve all purebred dogs, including pets.

Can I register a mixed-breed dog with AKC or CKC?

Neither AKC nor CKC registers mixed breeds, but they offer programs for mixed-breed dogs.

Do AKC and CKC offer training resources?

Both offer various resources and programs for dog training and care.

Can any dog be registered with AKC or CKC?

Only dogs with verifiable pedigrees and meeting breed standards can be registered.

Does CKC have a different breed recognition process than AKC?

Yes, CKC may have different criteria or recognize different breeds/varieties.

How are AKC and CKC funded?

Both are funded through registration fees, event fees, and other services.

Do AKC and CKC support rescue initiatives?

Both have programs and partnerships supporting dog rescue and adoption.

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