Enclave vs. Exclave

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  • Enclave (noun)

    A political, cultural or social entity or part thereof that is completely surrounded by another.

    "The republic of San Marino is an enclave of Italy."

    "The streets around Union Square form a Protestant enclave within an otherwise Catholic neighbourhood."

  • Enclave (noun)

    A group that is set off from a larger population by its characteristic or behavior.

    "...it tends to make marriage itself a lifestyle enclave."

  • Enclave (verb)

    To enclose within a foreign territory.

  • Exclave (noun)

    A portion of a country's territory not connected to the main part

    "Alaska and Kaliningrad are both examples of exclaves."

  • Exclave (noun)

    A detached part of an organ, as of the pancreas, thyroid, or other gland.

  • Enclave (noun)

    a portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct

    "they gave troops a week to leave the coastal enclave"

  • Enclave (noun)

    a place or group that is different in character from those surrounding it

    "the engineering department is traditionally a male enclave"

  • Exclave (noun)

    a portion of territory of one state completely surrounded by territory of another or others, as viewed by the home territory.

Oxford Dictionary
  • Enclave (noun)

    A tract of land or a territory inclosed within another territory of which it is independent. See Exclave.

  • Enclave

    To inclose within an alien territory.

  • Exclave (noun)

    A portion of a country which is separated from the main part and surrounded by politically alien territory.

Webster Dictionary
Princeton's WordNet

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