Eh vs. Hey

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  • Eh (interjection)

    Used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said.

    "These hot dogs are pretty good, eh?"

  • Eh (interjection)

    In isolation, a request for repetition or clarification of what has just been said. Compare what, pardon.

  • Eh (interjection)

    An interjection used to ascertain the continued attention of an individual addressed by the speaker

    "I went to the restaurant, eh, but my friends didn't show up."

  • Eh (interjection)

    Expressing apathy or lack of enthusiasm; meh.

    "—Do you feel like going out tonight?
    —Eh, I don't know."

  • Eh (verb)

    To use the interjection eh

  • Eh (adjective)

    Of mediocre quality; unremarkable.

    "My French fries were eh."

  • Hey (interjection)

    An exclamation to get attention.

    "Hey, look at this!"

    "Hey! Listen!"

  • Hey (interjection)

    A protest or reprimand.

    "Hey! Stop that!"

  • Hey (interjection)

    An expression of surprise.

    "Hey! This is new!"

  • Hey (interjection)

    An informal greeting, similar to hi.

    "Hey! How's it going?"

  • Hey (interjection)

    A request for repetition or explanation; an expression of confusion (see also eh, huh).

    "Hey? How's that?"

  • Hey (interjection)

    A meaningless beat marker or extra, filler syllable in song lyrics.

    "The chorus is nana na na, nana na na hey hey hey, goodbye"."

  • Hey (noun)

    A choreographic figure in which three or more dancers weave between one another, passing by left and right shoulder alternately.

  • Hey (noun)

    alternative spelling of heHebrew letter

Oxford Dictionary
  • Eh (interjection)

    An expression of inquiry or slight surprise.

  • Hey (adjective)


  • Hey (interjection)

    An exclamation of joy, surprise, or encouragement.

  • Hey (interjection)

    A cry to set dogs on.

Webster Dictionary

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