Arquebus vs. Matchlock

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Main Difference

The main difference between Arquebus and Matchlock is that the Arquebus is a long gun of the 15th century and Matchlock is a firearm mechanism

  • Arquebus (noun)


  • Arquebus (verb)

    To shoot with an arquebus.

  • Matchlock (noun)

    Early type of firearm, using a smoldering piece of cord to fire the powder in the firing pan.

  • Matchlock (noun)

    The gunlock used in such a weapon, having a slow smouldering match, see: slow match.

  • Arquebus (noun)

    A sort of hand gun or firearm a contrivance answering to a trigger, by which the burning match was applied. The musket was a later invention.

  • Matchlock (noun)

    An old form of gunlock containing a match for firing the priming; hence, a musket fired by means of a match.

Webster Dictionary
  • Arquebus (noun)

    an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

  • Matchlock (noun)

    an early style of musket; had a slow burning wick that could be lowered into a hole in the breech to ignite the charge

Princeton's WordNet

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