Vomit vs. Hork

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  • Vomit (verb)

    To regurgitate or eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; puke.

  • Vomit (verb)

    To regurgitate and discharge (something swallowed); to spew.

  • Vomit (verb)

    To eject from any hollow place; to belch forth; to emit.

  • Vomit (noun)

    The regurgitated former contents of a stomach; vomitus.

  • Vomit (noun)

    The act of regurgitating.

  • Vomit (noun)

    That which causes vomiting; an emetic.

  • Hork (verb)

    To foul up; to be occupied with difficulty, tangle, or unpleasantness; to be broken.

    "I downloaded the program, but something is horked and it won't load."

  • Hork (verb)

    To steal, especially petty theft or misnomer in jest.

    "Can I hork that code from you for my project?"

  • Hork (verb)

    To vomit, cough up.

  • Hork (verb)

    To throw.

    "Let's go hork pickles at people from the back row of the movie theatre."

  • Hork (verb)

    To eat hastily or greedily; to gobble.

    "I don't know what got into her, but she horked all those hoagies last night!"

  • Hork (verb)

    To move.

    "Go hork the kegs from out back."

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