Trans vs. Transoid

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  • Trans (adjective)

    In (or constituting, forming, or describing) a double bond in which the greater radical on both ends is on the opposite side of the bond.

    "the trans effect is the labilization of ligands which are trans to certain other ligands"

  • Trans (adjective)

    Of the side of the Golgi apparatus farther from the endoplasmic reticulum.

  • Trans (adjective)

    Transgender (or sometimes transsexual).

  • Trans (adjective)

    alternative form of trans*

  • Trans (verb)

    To cross from one side to another of (gender, sex or something in that vein).

  • Trans (noun)

    abbreviation of transaction

  • Transoid (adjective)

    Describing an antiperiplanar spatial arrangement of two conjugated double bonds about the intervening single bond; s-trans

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